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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-05-05 17:26:57 –

For the first time in a year, the arrival of visitors has climbed to Hawaii.

According to preliminary statistics released by the Hawaii Tourism Board (HTA), arrivals in March 2021 increased by 1.1% compared to a year ago.

This increased the number of first-time visitors in 12 months, but the number of year-to-date arrivals still decreased significantly (-60.1%). A total of 439,785 visitors came to Hawaii last month compared to 434,856 visitors who came by air service (430,691, + 2.1%) and cruise ships (4,165 visitors) in March 2020. I visited. The daily number of visitors in March 2020 was 127,760, while the number of visitors to Hawaii on any day in March 2021 was 137,440.

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The COVID-19 pandemic began to hit the Hawaiian visitor industry a year ago. On March 26, 2020, the state conducted a 14-day compulsory travel quarantine. Since then, almost all trans-Pacific and inter-Pacific flights have been canceled, cruise ships have been suspended, and tourism has almost stopped. This continued until mid-October, when the state launched its Safe Travel Program. The program was able to bypass quarantine if travelers across the Pacific received a valid negative test for COVID-19.

In March 2021, most passengers arriving from outside the state and traveling between counties were required by the state to receive valid negative COVID-19 NAAT test results from trusted test partners through the state’s Safe Travel Program. I was able to bypass the day’s self-quarantine. .. All trans-Pacific travelers participating in the pre-travel test program must have a negative test result before leaving for Hawaii.

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Kauai County will continue to temporarily suspend participation in the state’s Safe Travel Program, and all travelers across the Pacific Ocean to Kauai will be quarantined on arrival unless they are participating in pre- and post-travel test programs. need to do it. A “resort bubble” property as a way to reduce the quarantine period. Partial quarantine was also carried out in March in the counties of Hawaii, Maui and Kalawao (Molokai). In addition, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continued to enforce “conditional voyage orders” on all cruise ships.

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Most of the visitors in March came from the western United States (296,117, + 47.4%) and the eastern United States (133,162, + 10.8%). The number of visitors from Japan was 1,051 (-97.7%), and the number of visitors from Canada was 326 (-98.8%). There were 9,129 visitors from all other international markets (-75.9%). Many of these visitors were from Guam, and a few were from other Asia, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, the Philippines and the Pacific Islands.

Total visitor days increased by 7.6%. Total visitor spending in March was $ 745.9 million. Visitors to the western United States spent $ 492.4 million (+ 55.4%), with an average daily spending of $ 176 (-1.1%) per person. Visitors to the eastern United States spent $ 249.8 million (+ 8.4%) per day and $ 188 (-6.5%) per person. Visitors from Japan spent $ 3.7 million (-94.5%) and their daily spending was $ 213 (-10.9%) per person per day. No visitor spending data was available from other markets.

The number of trans-Pacific flights to the Hawaiian Islands in March was 3,266 (-23.4%). That’s a total of 665,209 air seats, down 29.5% from a year ago. There were no planned seats from Oceania, and there were quite a few planned seats from Canada (-97.5%), Japan (-94.0%) and other Asian countries (-91.8%). Seats in the eastern United States (-15.3%) and the western United States (-9.7%) have also not declined significantly. Seating capacity in other countries (Guam and Manila) has increased compared to a year ago (+ 96.5%).

Visitor Arrivals to Hawai´i Increase for First Time During Pandemic Source link Visitor Arrivals to Hawai´i Increase for First Time During Pandemic

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