Vivian Howard of Lenoir in Charleston, South Carolina – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2022-05-19 11:11:09 –

Chef Vivian Howard

Photo by Baxter Miller

Vivian Howard grew up in Lenoir County, North Carolina.She wrote two award-winning cookbooks, created and starred on television shows. Somewhere in the south When Chef’s lifeAnd owns four restaurants, including her latest restaurant. RenoirAt Charleston.

Chance chef
“I started working in the kitchen 25 years ago and tried to turn that experience into a cooking career. Writing about food has always been my dream. My first cookbook, Deep Plan Roots, 600 pages. “

Downy food

Photo by Baxter Miller

Faithful to her roots
“Lenoir’s food reflects what we eat in Lenoir County, the food of simple farmers. It’s the way it was eaten mainly by the southern people of the countryside who grew the food. It’s rooted in vegetables and grains and is a celebration. We use meat as a product and seasoning. “

Blues and barbecue
“At one point my dad got me a blueberry deal for £ 1 and $ 1, but you had to buy £ 500. By the time I got to them, they were I made blueberry vinegar because it was past the prime of. We grew up eating barbecue chicken with vinegar sauce, but now Lenoir’s blueberry barbecue chicken wings pay homage to that tradition. They are sweet and spicy, and I have never met a meat eater who doesn’t love them. “

This article appeared in the Spring / Summer 2022 issue. Southbound..

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