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Mentor (WJW) — “Mental strength”. The term coined by Kenny Fury is proudly worn on T-shirts to promote positiveness and unity. “It’s the power of other people to get together.”

His latest design, A reflection of the teamwork he wants to achieve in America. “This shirt, this guy is reaching out to help someone.”

That teamwork is what Fury always sees in the gym. “We are more focused on better people, personal growth, and just uh, really eliminating negativeness and helping each other improve.”

Fury had him The first shirt made in 2017..

“A lot of things were happening. You had kneeling problems with the NFL, other racial problems, and political debates.”

Sadly, he says nothing has changed. “If I thought 2017 was overwhelming, 2020 was just overkill.”

He says Ken had to get out of social media negativity, but for the past four years he has worked hard to keep the message alive with the help of Max Screen Printing owner RayMinger. I have come. Painesville..

“The ordinary old T-shirt you wear has a lot of power,” Minger said.

Fury has about eight designs and hopes to help people not only express themselves when words are missing, but also open up lines of conversation.

“This shirt seems to connect people. A stranger I usually see here but don’t talk to me approaches me and says,” What is that shirt, what does it mean, what does it mean? ” It was.

Minger also had people start a conversation with him while wearing the message. “When you put on your shirt, you make a statement about who you are or what you believe in.”

That statement is worn at the Titans Gym Mentor After owner Geoff Del Grosso bought over 100 shirts for gifts to members in November.

“Looking at his shirt, I thought it was a great idea to spread his message, because it was a great message for unity.”

Del Grosso says that the world of fitness is always about connecting people. “We are all the same, we all have the same goals.”

Fury agrees. “There are people of all races, shadow beliefs, and all of them, and none of them matter. Really everyone is helping everyone when they need it.”

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