Voices of Unity: Power of Sport Summit – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-04-30 20:18:23 –

Cleveland (WJW) — Over the past year, we’ve seen the world of sports clash with the demands of racial equality and social justice.With 2021 NFL draft here Cleveland, Sports professionals More fairness in the industry.

“Is it through diversity that we take to the next level? Because there is competition,” said Jonathan Bean. National football league Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Bean told spectators at this week’s Cleveland Power of Sports Summit that he is acting with a sense of urgency to make the NFL more diverse and comprehensive.

“If every aspect of our organization represents who we are as a nation and as our fan base, I think we’ve done a good job,” Bean said.

To be clear, Bean knows there’s still work to be done. He says that currently 75 percent of NFL players are of color. 70% of players are black. However, there are only two color team owners, neither of which is black.

In the case of Bean, Cleveland sets an example in terms of recruitment and representation, along with Andrew Berry, a young black man who is General Manager of the Browns, and Callie Brownson, who was named the first female staff chief in NFL history last year.

“These are two of our current and future leaders, for someone who is a fan trying to understand” Hey, is it me? “… and to see them? Hey, that’s what we want. That’s what we need, “Bean said.

The message at the summit was clear. We need to not only hire diverse talent, but also retain them and support their growth and progress.

A few months after entering the position, Bean says he laid the foundation for doing that. In March, all 32 NFL clubs submitted detailed plans for diversity and inclusive strategies.

“More active recruitment, participation in HBCU … and what kind of training do we do from a cultural perspective? We have bias training, anti-racism training, alliances, comprehensive leadership. So each club promised to do that training, “Bean said.

According to Beane, the league’s strategy also includes working with various vendors for the event to have additional financial impact.

The summit was an opportunity to discuss the lack of diversity and participation in sports, but it was also about finding ways to change.

When asked what ideas they wanted to implement at the national level, Bean formed an alliance with Cleveland and its three key teams to focus on quality education, voting and improving legal relationships. He said he was impressed with everything again. Execution and community.

“We are usually always competing with each other, but when it comes to diversity, fairness and inclusiveness, we do so when it comes to things that can have a significant social impact on your city. Is absolutely great and we need it in all our urban areas. ”

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