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(Photo: Elinor Tatum is the publisher of the New York Amsterdam News)

Our newspapers allow us to speak in our own voice and in our own words with our own community.

“We want to defend our cause. For too long, others have spoken for us.” This is Freedom’, the first black newspaper in the United States. It was part of the first editorial written by Samuel Cornish and John Russwurm in the s Journal.

recently, Black Media Initiative Researchers at the Community Media Center at the City University of New York (CUNY) Craig Newmark Journalism Graduate School have published their research. Why Black Media Is Important Now..

In 1827, when Cornish and Rathworm founded the Freedom Journal, our county was in a period of turmoil. There were over 2,000,000 slaves and less than 300,000 slaves Free black.. These free men screamed, as the black population did not have their own voice. Fast-forwarding for almost 200 years, hundreds of Black Media representatives are still listening to the call to “appeal our own cause.”

Black publishers are in the gap with the community and have been speaking out for the community.This study is just Emphasizes what we have been saying for decades And put academic attribution behind what he always knew. Applaud the activities of Center for Community Media.

Black Press is of paramount importance in telling the story of our community. If we don’t say it, others won’t teach it in a way that is relevant to us. We cannot continue other stories for us for us. Our newspapers allow us to speak in our own voice and in our own words with our own community.

According to the report, regarding the disproportionate racial impact of coronavirus coverage and pandemics, Black Media has more than five times as many articles on this issue. They also wrote twice as much about frontline workers and essential workers. In general, apart from the pandemic, when it comes to health, the Black Media addressed health issues that are more community-related than the “mainstream” media.

Black Press has always existed for the community. Tell a story that no one else can tell. But it wasn’t until the 1950s and 1960s. Black reporter Covered race in all formats or ways for mainstream newspapers. And, as my dad told me when I started working for Amsterdam News in 1994, the only reason they allowed them to cover the race was because white reporters didn’t want to do that 1 One, and two were too dangerous. He kept telling me that copy boys were sent to riots to cover them in some cases. That’s because they are the only black people on the editorial staff.

Those times have changed to some extent, but the truth is that very few people are still in power in the mainstream media. Black press is an important part of the community. Owned by Blacks, Owned by Blacks, Employed, Trained, Uplifted and Inspiring. Many of the major journalists of our time started with the black newspapers in this country, where they learned the humanity of the community.

Black media outlets were critical of the black movement. It stimulated change, gave hope, and showed all aspects of black life – good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. It created a mayor and defeated the leader. It uplifted the family and raised children. It celebrated and mourned with us, but most importantly it was with us and struggling with us.

Black press means something. It is essential. It has helped a community that has served for decades, so it must be supported.

VOICES: Why Black Media Matters Source link VOICES: Why Black Media Matters

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