Volcano Community Voices Fear, Anger After Reported Sex Assault – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-04-30 16:00:39 –

Reported sexual assaults outside the volcanic home left the community for fear of their safety.

The alleged assault, James Michael Taylor, was crouching in real estate in the area for the previous few weeks. April 1st incidentAccording to members of the Volcanic Alert Stages.

Guard guard coordinator Linda Fuller said complaints against Taylor had been filed with the Hawaiian police. Problems ranged from public drunkenness to threatening community members.

“He has dominated the turmoil since March,” Fuller said of the suspect. “(After the assault) no woman feels safe anymore.”

Taylor was charged on April 14 with three charges: one sexual assault, three sexual assaults, abduction, and three assaults. Judge Peter Kubota of the Third Circuit, who was initially released on bail instead of $ 187,000, has approved the reduction of bail to $ 50,000 in response to a state objection. The jury trial was set on September 13.

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According to Fuller, the reported assault caused the community to feel frightened, disgusted and angry. The news of Taylor’s bail cuts was even more frustrating.

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“We just want these lawmakers and judges to understand the horror he caused,” Fuller said. “The law seems to favor him over the inhabitants.”

HPD Captain John Brisky confirmed that police had reported Taylor’s illegal occupation in the area and had other reported activities in which criminal accusations had begun.

“Volcanic areas are usually quiet areas-what happened is tragic,” Brisky said of the assault. “I’m glad that the community is armed.”

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Addressing the issue of squatters is one of the biggest problems police have, Brisky said.

“There is nothing we can do until we contact the owner of the property,” said the captain. “There may be an agreement between the individual in the home and the owner, which members of the community do not know.”

In many cases, Brisky said the owner died or the property was seized and owned by the bank.

Members of the volcano resident Marillen Chun, a vigilante patrol, said they were supporting police stations and local police officers, not vigilantes. But the situation is frustrating.

Chun said he wants to increase his presence in the community.

“Every community in every district wants more police officers and more beings,” Brisky said, adding resources to the police and needing departments everywhere.

Brisky is the captain of Pahoa Station. He did not comment on staffing, but officers cover the area from Purpai to Keauhou Landing in the Cow district. The coverage is so widespread that alert patrol groups are important, Brisky said.

“We appreciate the cooperation we received from the neighborhood,” Brisky said of the volcano. “It is imperative to keep these communication lines open. Without them, crime cannot be resolved.”

Fuller and Chun said they wanted to see a closer station.

“It took the police an hour to respond to the assault,” Fuller said, as the policeman came from Kalapana.

At this time of economic trouble, Mr Brisky said that the construction of the substation was not enough money, it would be more useful to add the money spent on additional officers.

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