Volcano Vista principal addresses violence in letter to parents – Albuquerque, New Mexico

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The principal also informed parents that the school was trying to solve the problem by increasing the number of adults on duty at lunch and after school, and they trained students and bystanders involved in the fight, staff and students. Is urged to report the fight.

Contreras Garcia said, “Therefore, I think it’s always good to have more hands-on on the deck. But I think we need to involve the APS police. It’s great to involve the teacher. But the teacher I’m already very thin, I don’t have a lot of breaks, and I don’t get much salary as it is, so I need to step up to the APS police to increase my presence on campus. “

In the letter, the principal also provided a solution to the parent’s advisory board and asked the parent to talk to the children about the problem.

APS director Scott Elder said in a statement:

“Dear Albakirk Public School Community,

The safety, health and well-being of Albakirk public school staff, students and communities has always been our priority.

Mental health and behavioral challenges that all schools deal with during normal hours are pandemics, as predicted when schools around the world were closed in response to global health threats in March 2020. Seems to be getting worse.

Schools provide safety, structure, social connectivity and more. We know that without adult supervision, students can have a hard time resolving disputes. We also know that homes can be dangerous if items that are banned at school arrive and are brought to campus.

There is still no evidence or research to explain some of the discipline problems we are experiencing at school. Still, the increase in violence and unacceptable behavior posted on social media and reported in the news has led to school closures and homes, including unemployment, illness, and other difficulties that many face due to pandemics. I think it’s due to tension.

All school staff monitor student behavior and conduct welfare checks if there are concerns. Our counselors and social workers are available to help our staff and students. All APS students and employees are asked to say something if they see, hear, or know anything that could pose a safety threat. Call APS Police (505-243-7712) to report a potential threat.You can also contact Crime stopper at505-843-Please stop reporting anonymously.

APS Police patrols the campus in partnership with the Albuquerque Police Station and the Bernarijo County Security Office. Unfortunately, all three law enforcement agencies are tackling a shortage of officers. The APS Police Station currently lacks 11 police officers and 18 campus security aides. We have been actively hiring for years, but the American workforce is changing and adapting. Still, we pay as much attention to the resources available.

I agree that campus safety is important. If you have any urgent concerns, we recommend that you consult with the principal. Although the school district strives to provide information to everyone, privacy laws prohibit the disclosure of information about student discipline and student health and well-being.

The district also does not comment on violent or inappropriate behavior posted on social media sites. Our students are children and young adults and are often prey to impulsive decision making without understanding the impact of their decisions. The only goal of social media posts is to get attention. It does not encourage violence or bad behavior. Playing videos or talking about posts can encourage harmful and unacceptable behavior. It also affects students who watch videotapes, posts, or views without reporting ongoing changes.

School safety is a common responsibility. It is now more important than ever to talk to students, be aware of social media activities, listen to their concerns, and access school wellness resources available when needed. If we are acting, we cannot ignore them because they need our help. “

Volcano Vista principal addresses violence in letter to parents Source link Volcano Vista principal addresses violence in letter to parents

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