Volkswagen Amarok pickups are small gems not for the US

  • Global debut VW Amarok Reveal medium-sized pickups that are closely related to the next generation Ford Ranger..
  • It is not destined for the United States and is expected to sell most in Australia, Europe and Africa.
  • It offers a variety of diesel engines, including a V6, as well as a 298 horsepower petrol turbo.

        The ideas behind automotive product strategies often look like a mystery to the outsider. We certainly don’t understand why Volkswagen chose not to bring Amarok pickups to the market where they buy more pickups than anywhere else in the world.we

        Volkswagen is now announcing a new second generation Amarok. It also seems to be denied to us, even though it shares its foundation with the Ford Ranger and was developed by teams working in Germany and Australia. The finished truck will be produced in South Africa, and Volkswagen states that it will be sold “in Australia and New Zealand, many African countries, the Middle East and Europe.” You will find that none of the Americas is on the list, even though previous versions were available in some Central and South American markets.


        So what are you missing? Larger than its predecessor, but when it reaches the United States, the new Amarok is considered a medium-sized pickup. The overall length of 210.6 inches is 3.8 inches longer than the old Amarok, but 0.8 inches shorter than the 2023 Ford Ranger. The new truck’s 128.7-inch wheelbase is, of course, the same as Ford’s. Available in both single and double cab versions, the two-door has a 90.7-inch long cargo bed and the four-door has a 60.8-inch bed. The maximum width between wheel arches is 47.5 inches. Volkswagen states that it can carry up to 2550 pounds and tow up to 7700 pounds, depending on the specifications.

        It should be pretty decent even off-road. The shorter overhangs compared to the older Amarok have improved the ability to tackle moderate levels of wilderness with a 29 degree approach angle, a 21 degree departure angle and a 21 degree ramp over angle. Volkswagen also states that it can safely pass up to 31.5 inches of water. This is the same number Ford claims for the next ranger.

        Powertrain options are mainly diesel

        Volkswagen plans to offer a number of powertrain options. A basic rear-wheel drive version that combines a 147 hp 2.0 liter diesel engine with a 5-speed manual gearbox is available in certain African markets, while a more powerful 167 hp version of the same engine is sold elsewhere. .. Choice of 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission, with either rear-wheel drive or selectable four-wheel drive. Beyond that, the twin-turbocharged diesel produces 200 horsepower, and Volkswagen says it’s a permanent all-wheel drive system, but with the ability to cut the drive to the front for better economics. It works in either 6-speed Auto or 10-speed Auto, which is a Ford / GM gearbox. In other countries, the slightly more powerful 203hp version of this engine gets a selectable four-wheel drive and 10-speed gearbox.

        Beyond this, Volkswagen will continue to offer the option of its long-lasting 3.0-liter V-6 diesel.This is a development version of what was installed on the previous generation Amarok We drove in europe This produces 246 hp and 440 pound-foot torque and comes standard with 10-speed auto and AWD. Volkswagen also offers gasoline engines in some markets, but non-diesel pickups are still rare in Europe. It’s a seemingly Ford 2.3-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder, making 298 hp and 333 lb-foot, and will be shipped again in 10-speed, permanent AWD.

        Volkswagen Amarok Pickup


        Volkswagen sells different grades of Amarok, reflecting its use as both a utility truck and a lifestyle truck. Even the most basic versions feature digital devices, a 10-inch portrait-oriented touch screen, LED headlights, and adaptive cruise control. At the top of the range, the much more luxurious Pan Americana and Aventura add luxury such as a larger 12-inch display screen, Harman / Kardon audio system, and soft-touch cabin material (called “leather look” instead of leather). To do. Even 21-inch alloy wheels.

        The Ranger and Amarok have many shared components, such as column stalks, autobox gear selectors, and various bits of minor switchgear, but there are also substantial changes, such as dashboard differences. Amarok follows other recent Volkswagen examples by controlling temperature and climate via a touch screen. The ranger holds a physical function button.

        Why are we rejected? Beyond the challenges faced by automakers other than the three biggest US trucks, pricing seems to be a major issue. Earlier Amarok started in Europe for over $ 40,000. Still, the fact that the closely related 5th generation Ford Ranger is set to sell here keeps the door open. We still love the idea of ​​Volkswagen trucks.

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    Volkswagen Amarok pickups are small gems not for the US

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