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Knoxville, TN (WATE) — Later University of Tennessee fined $ 250,000 for Debris thrown on the field later in the match against Olemis, Vols fans are spending money in their mouths by raising thousands of dollars for the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

NS GoFundMe, Sponsor Brent Balzer Supported by Vol for Life Jason SwainBy raising funds from the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, has surfaced a call to VolNation to address and show “members of the national media” about the true Tennessee spirit.

“If you go through those doors, [like I have] I see kids fighting things they shouldn’t fight, “Swain said. “They are supposed to live a carefree life, but they aren’t. And we also see the parents there, so if we can find some kind of comfort financially, that’s what we do. That’s why I’m here. “

“Rather than being negative and falling into the mud and fighting specific domestic media members, the best way to deal with it is to do positive things to help people and change the story that way.” Baltzar said.

The call for fundraising is as follows. “Raise $ 102,455 for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. These funds will help the hospital maintain an open door policy to help sick children in the Knoxville area. Minimum donation is 5. It’s a dollar. If only 20% of the people at Neyland Stadium donate that amount, we’ll blow this goal out of the water! “

“It hurt people when they see the entire fan base painted with negative light because of the actions of a few people,” Baltzar said.

“We are changing the unfortunate thing that is clearly known to be incorrect,” Swain said. “Throwing things into the field, it’s certainly not taken up. But it’s not the spirit of Tennessee, it’s not the spirit of VolNation. I want to make sure that this is the spirit of VolNation and everyone knows it. think.”

The $ 102,455 target represents the total capacity of the Neyland Stadium. As of 10 pm on Wednesday, GoFundMe has raised $ 32,465.

Rewinding to October 16, the UT administration immediately condemned the actions of the fans, and UT Prime Minister Donde Plowman apologized to the University of Mississippi Prime Minister Glenn Boyce.

“Good sportsmanship must be part of us as volunteers,” Plowman said. Tweet.. “Behaviors that endanger student athletes, coaches, visitors, and other fans are unacceptable to us.”

Alongside university faculty, UT’s athletic director Danny White issued a statement on the incident.

“I’m incredibly proud of our team’s efforts in the field,” White said. “I’m disappointed that their relentless performance was overshadowed by the volunteer spirit and the actions of some fans who didn’t represent the true character of our college at the end of the game.”

Vols fans raise money for children’s hospital after Ole Miss game Source link Vols fans raise money for children’s hospital after Ole Miss game

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