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Many COVID-19 vaccine clinics can only be achieved by staffing hundreds of volunteers. Some retired medical professionals have returned to give shots, while others are members of the community who want to play their part.

Carol Hair retired from nursing in 2018, but has returned for a few weeks after volunteering for a shot at the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic in Winchester, Virginia.

“I saw that need and felt I had to do something,” she said. “But I had to do something.”

The large vaccine site is run by more than 300 volunteers.

“It’s a magical event,” said Dr. Jeff Feit of Valley Health. “It’s a community and I take care of myself. That’s the best thing I’ve been involved in for a long time.”

Janet Flaherty’s husband is a Surgical Oncologist at Valley Health. She is helping with registration.

“I feel it’s our duty. I’m honored to give back to the community,” she said.

Malik Henry, who works at the Shenandoah University Admissions Office, said he was attracted to his love for the community and to volunteers.

“I think it’s a great atmosphere,” he said. “I’ve only heard good things, so I wanted to be part of it, and I just wanted to make a difference.”

At Innova’s Vaccine Clinic, Cheryl Battle is the go-to person for patients and staff. She retired as Vice President of Fairfax Hospital last year, but received a phone call at the clinic asking if she would return to work three days a week.

“I thought it was perfect because I do something to help the community, help the country, help everyone else,” she said.

The rewards for helping to give a shot are immeasurable.

“I’ve come to people and say,’I can finally get up and hug my grandchildren,'” Hair said.

“There is nothing better than a job that gives hope to someone and I think it’s what I see,” Battle said.

Volunteers Make Vaccination Clinics Possible – NBC4 Washington Source link Volunteers Make Vaccination Clinics Possible – NBC4 Washington

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