Voting Machine Maker Dominion Sues CEO My Pillow for False Election Claims | Law (USA)

Voting machine maker Dominion has sued My Pillow’s CEO for Donald Trump for more than $ 1.3 billion and has hurt the company with his “big lie” that distorted the outcome of the 2020 elections. Insist.

Dominion delivered on it Previous threat He filed a proceeding in federal court in Washington on Monday to sue Mike Lindel. The complaint alleges that My Pillow’s boss used the falsehood that Dominion’s voting machine was used to launch an election to support Joe Biden as a marketing strategy to sell his product. There is.

The proceedings accuse Lindel and Mai Pillow of deceptive trading practices and seeking to benefit from making false defamation statements. It emphasized the discounts offered to products related to the Electoral-Fraud Conspiracy Theory, pushed forward with unfounded claims that spread Trump’s lies, and pointed out that it advertised in the right-wing media that sponsored public rallies. There is.

After warning that Dominion was willing to file a proceeding, Lindel responded by intensifying the attack on the company. Earlier this month he released a three-hour movie. Absolute evidence, Dedicated to the fantasy that Trump’s defeat in the ballot box last November was equivalent to a “communist coup.”

His relentless pursuit of stolen election lies has brought Lindel a permanent cessation from Twitter.

On Monday, Lindel said The Wall Street Journal He was “very, very happy” that the Dominion proceedings had proceeded.

“I have all the evidence about them,” he said. “This will allow all machine frauds and attacks on our country to be disclosed sooner.”

No credible evidence of fraud of the scale needed to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election has been presented.Many electoral authorities, including prominent Republicans, rejected this idea, as Attorney General Trump did. William barr And the Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf..

The Dominion proceedings are the latest in a proceeding over Trump’s groundless allegations that the elections were stolen.Dominion last month Proceeded Trump’s private lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and another Trump-backed lawyer, Sidney Powell, talked about their role in driving conspiracy theories.

Rival voting machine company, Smartmatic USAHas sued Fox News for $ 2.7 billion and claims that defamatory comments about the product were broadcast on the network.

Voting Machine Maker Dominion Sues CEO My Pillow for False Election Claims | Law (USA)

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