VW will revive the Scout nameplate for electric pickups, reports say

Volkswagen Reportedly, it plans to strengthen its presence in the United States by reviving the long dormant Scout nameplate. The name of the Scout, commissioned to the attic of a car in 1980, is said to make an unexpected comeback as a sub-brand focused on electric offroaders.

Citing anonymous sources, the The Wall Street Journal Scouts write that they will transform into a sub-brand with their own management team within the Volkswagen Group, which means that Scouts will be at the same basic level as. Porsche When Audi, Among other departments. Initially, two models, a pickup and an SUV, will be sold. No additional technical details have been announced, but both are electric and will be built on a new skateboard-type platform.The report adds that SUVs will be about the same size. Atlas Pickup will be approximate AmarokBecause it’s the size Ford Ranger-size. They will be designed with a clear focus on off-road.Sounds like a scout has Libyan R1T and R1S At that cross line.

Volkswagen is ready to invest $ 1 billion in the project. The Wall Street JournalBut Reuters Claims an initial investment of € 100 million (current conversion rate is about $ 105 million). Both publications have learned that some of the funding comes from external sources of funding, and that the IPO is in the pipeline. It’s certainly not a cheap offer, as launching a Scout brand could involve the construction of a new factory that could be in the United States. This is a high risk, high stake bet. If all goes according to plan, Volkswagen will build a foothold in some of the largest and most profitable segments of the profitable US market.

If the report is accurate, the Volkswagen Board of Directors will decide whether the Scout brand will get the proverbial green light at a meeting scheduled for May 11, 2022. Production will begin in 2026 and the company hopes to sell approximately 250,000 vehicles annually in the United States. state.

There is nothing official at this stage, Volkswagen said Autoblog Cannot comment rumor.. However, Volkswagen Group design boss Klaus Zisiola reportedly posted a sketch on the Instagram page depicting the traditional box-shaped silhouette of a Scout brand 4-door SUV and a pickup truck. After that, the post was deleted, but the screenshots circulating on social media sites show the following captions: “Written by the designer.

How did Volkswagen get the name of the scout?

Volkswagen and the International Harvester Scout are nailed to a completely different end of the car’s spectrum. Nevertheless, Wolfsburg is legally permitted to launch a car or sub-brand called a Scout. It’s a long story, but in short, the International Harvester collapsed in the early 1980s. It sold off various assets little by little because it was floating. Illinois-based parts manufacturer Tenneco has purchased International-Harvester’s agricultural sector and has also obtained a name and logo. What was left of the company (basically the truck and engine manufacturing department) changed its name to Navistar International Corporation in 1986, where the Scout’s nameplate landed.

Volkswagen Truck and Bus (now known as Traton) purchased a 16.6% stake in Navistar in February 2017 and acquired the company in July 2021. Therefore, Volkswagen can revive the Scout, but cannot use “IH”. The logo that has appeared on off-road vehicles for decades.

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VW will revive the Scout nameplate for electric pickups, reports say

Source link VW will revive the Scout nameplate for electric pickups, reports say

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