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Wichita, Kansas 2021-10-22 23:18:40 –

Wichita, Kang (KSNW) — Wages are rising, but the cost of daily necessities is also rising. Some have benefited from unexpected opportunities, while others have lived from salary to salary.

Economist Ted Borema said it depends on how each household was affected by the pandemic.

“There were people who continued to work. Many other industries that had to be closed for some time,” Borema said.

Wichitan Taylor Baer is an experienced theater technician. She claims that the money in her pocket is less than what was provided in advance.

“I was pretty tall and strong for a while, so after I was depressed, the theater was closed, so I couldn’t really do much,” commented Bear.

John Hicky had the opposite experience. “Anyway, in fact, it helped us a lot. I think it’s really bad for many other companies, but for the agricultural industry it helped us, kept us busy, and more. I think the money has come in, “Hicky said.

Economist Jeremy Hill generally says that wages are rising across the board. That means more disposable income should be available.

“We’re creating new opportunities and people are getting these jobs, so we’re actually making so much money and then more savings,” Hill said. increase.

However, not everyone sees the dollar sign.

“Low-income households that are more appropriately squeezed are also those that are still struggling despite significantly higher wages,” Hill continues.

Diane Deloach-Duckett has three jobs. She said wages rose slightly, but not enough to make a difference.

“The money we came in didn’t match the rising price. It’s not just gas. It’s food and everything else,” Dackett said.

So where are we standing? Do you have any money to spend?

“We’ve consumed a lot. Consumption should drop a bit, but it’s still going to be pretty high next year,” Hill added.

Wages are up, but is there more money in your pocket? Source link Wages are up, but is there more money in your pocket?

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