Wal-Mart tests self-driving cars in multiple cities in Ford and Argo

Ford Motor plans to launch a self-driving car business based on the Escape Hybrid crossover in 2022.


Walmart Expand the self-driving car program, Ford motor And Argo AI, a self-driving car startup backed by automakers.

The two companies announced on Wednesday that they will use the Ford Escape hybrid with Argo AI technology to deliver Wal-Mart in Miami, Washington and Austin, Texas.

The program allows Wal-Mart customers to order groceries and other merchandise online for door-to-door autonomous delivery.

“We are excited to expand our autonomous delivery efforts in three new markets, in addition to Argo and Ford,” Tomward, senior vice president of last mile delivery at Wal-Mart, said in a statement. “This collaboration facilitates our mission to deliver products to our customers’ homes with unmatched speed and ease, and thus continues to pave the way for autonomous delivery.”

Ford and Wal-Mart ran a pilot program on self-driving cars in 2018.Retail giants are now with Gatic General MotorsAssisted cruise.In addition to the partnership, Wal-Mart Unlisted stock On a cruise earlier this year.

Mainly online grocery orders Part of Walmart +, A membership program for large retail stores that started a year ago. One of the benefits of the program is the free, unlimited grocery delivery to members’ homes. Subscription services compete with Amazon Prime.

Wal-Mart, the country’s largest grocery store, saw a dramatic increase in online sales as more consumers stayed at home and refilled the refrigerator from the sofa during the pandemic. Last year’s US e-commerce sales, which ended January 31, increased 79%. Still, Wal-Mart isn’t making a profit in the e-commerce business and is putting pressure on the company to come up with more costs. An effective way to get boxes and lots of items to the door.

The new collaboration is Wal-Mart’s first multi-city service for self-driving cars. Bryan Salesky, founder and CEO of ArgoAI, said focusing on three cities would show “the potential for large-scale self-driving car delivery services.”

Initially, the two companies plan to deploy small fleets in each of the three cities, expanding over time, according to a spokeswoman for Argo AI. Argo AI co-owned by Ford with a German car maker VolkswagenIs testing self-driving cars in three cities and elsewhere.

Commercialization of self-driving cars was much more difficult than many expected, even a few years ago. The challenge led to the consolidation of the self-driving car sector after years of enthusiasm to promote the technology as the next trillion-dollar market for transport companies.

Some companies like Uber Technologies, Give up in-house system development while other products such as Zoox are being sold to Amazon. Waymo remains the hottest front runner and operates self-driving cars in Arizona.

– CNBC Melissa Repco Contributed to this report.

Wal-Mart tests self-driving cars in multiple cities in Ford and Argo

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