Wall Street was set to a weak start after China’s data

US equity futures fell on Monday as slower-than-expected growth in China began a cautious tone ahead of a huge slate in earnings.

what’s happening
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 Futures

    112 points down to 35059, down 0.3%

  • S & P 500 Futures

    0.4%, or 16 points down to 4446

  • Nasdaq 100 Futures

    0.4%, or 67 points down to 15067

30 Dow Jones Industrial Averages on Friday after higher-than-expected retail sales were announced
+ 1.09%

The S & P 500 rose 382 points (1.09%) to 35295.
+ 0.75%

Increased 33 points (0.75%) to 4471, Nasdaq Composite Index
+ 0.50%

I got 74 points or 0.5% in 14897.

What is driving the market

China reported Third-quarter year-on-year growth of 4.9%Due to the slowdown in construction production, it slowed significantly from the 7.9% recorded in the second quarter.

UK bond yield

The Bank of England’s governor soared after saying that the central bank had to act because of concerns that rising prices could boost inflation expectations over the medium term. Central bank officials in the United States are less wary of rising prices.

There is also US data along the way in the form of industrial production and homebuilder sentiment numbers.

This week’s release on Netflix further accelerates the revenue season.
+ 3.02%

And international business machines
+ 0.85%
Above all.

“The percentage of companies that are above expectations in both EPS and revenue is certainly slightly below the level of the previous quarter, but both statistics show 79% for EPS and 82% for sales in the past. It’s still very powerful compared to that, “said RBC strategist. A capital market led by Lori Calvasina. “Most companies also emphasize the continued strength of the underlying demand, which allows investors to look back (at least to some extent) on supply chain pressure in the past.”

Wall Street was set to a weak start after China’s data

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