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2021-05-06 11:15:37 –

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz will end all state-wide coronavirus restrictions by July 1. If 70% of residents over the age of 16 were vaccinated, his office announced Thursday.

Yes, all restrictions: restaurant closing times, church capacity, 6-foot distance, and yes, state-wide mask obligations.

The July 1st date is the final stage of the three-stage plan, which begins on Friday, and includes relaxation of restaurant and bar closing times and masking requirements for many outdoor events.

Waltz will discuss the news at noon on state-wide addresses and will be livestreamed. Governor’s YouTube channel..

Waltz and state health officials agree that rollbacks are supported by the current state of the Minnesota pandemic, where cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all declining as vaccinations continue to grow. More than 2 million people were fully vaccinated on Wednesday.. At the current pace, the state is expected to reach a 70% threshold by the end of June, according to Waltz.

The state appears to be on a downward trend in the spring surge in cases caused by the B.1.1.7 variant first identified in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, the virus is widespread in parts of the world, especially in South America and India, increasing the likelihood of more dangerous mutations that may circumvent the protection provided by existing vaccines. I am.

Restrictions are still allowed in businesses, facilities, schools and other places. Many people have advice, especially if it involves children who have not yet been vaccinated. For example, schools continue to follow state guidelines.

But Thursday’s announcement, at least for now, is the strictest order that Waltz has ordered by law, as well as peers across the country and around the world, through enforcement law permitted under peacetime emergency law. Means the end of.

Waltz began discussing the idea with lawmakers, but did not say he would give up these emergency powers.

Phase 1: Restaurants and bars make Friday easier

The first phase begins on Friday at restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues.

Starting at noon on Friday, Walz’s new actions will look like this:

  • Remove restrictions on outdoor dining, events and other gatherings and end mask requirements outdoors except in large venues with more than 500 people.
  • Eliminate state-required closing times for bars, restaurants, and food and beverage services elsewhere in public facilities.

Phase 2: May 28, easier

The second phase begins on May 28th. The remaining capacity and distance limits, including indoor events and rallies, are over. The remaining requirements are:

  • Face cover for indoor and outdoor events for over 500 people.
  • Companies have no new safety requirements, but maintain plans to keep employees and customers safe, as they have been since the beginning of the pandemic, guided only by minimal universal state guidance documents. is needed.

Phase 3: Everything else

The third phase will begin by 1 July after 70% (3,087,404 Minesotan) of Minesotan over the age of 16 have been vaccinated at least once.

At that point, the remaining face cover requirements and preparatory planning requirements are complete. Regional jurisdictions and entities can set their own mask policies.

More: Read the Governor’s Order to End Minnesota COVID Restrictions

“Our country’s leading vaccination efforts have put us in a strong position to safely transition to life, as we knew it,” Waltz said in a statement. I did. “The pandemic isn’t over and there’s work to be done. But from state fairgrounds to clinics to modified metro transit buses that deliver vaccines to where they need them most, Minnesotans are more vaccinated anytime, anywhere. With fewer cases, more people vaccinated daily, and immediate access to the vaccine for everyone who wants it, they can confidently and safely return to normal. You can now do it. “


Minnesota Lady, a coalition of state-wide trade associations and chambers of commerce, issued the following statement:

“This announcement has long been awaited by companies that endure incremental dial turns while at the same time maintaining their business and protecting the safety of their employees and customers. The local chamber of commerce and the economy, which is a coalition member. The world is steadily working to support employers and understands their tremendous impact on the local community and the Minnesota economy as a whole. “

Republican reaction: too late

Republicans, who had been subject to anti-COVID-19 restrictions as expected shortly after the pandemic, criticized Waltz on Thursday.

“My reaction today is simple. It’s not enough, it’s not immediately enough,” said Paul Gazelka, Senate leader of R-East Gallake, in a statement. “The emergency is over and the obligations need to end.”

Gazelleka’s statement continues: “I said in January that the emergency was over when young and healthy people became available to the vaccine. We were there for weeks. The governor said vaccination was the key. It’s time to realize that, and Minnesota stumbled through the gates to immunize the most vulnerable people, but now has abundant supplies and appointments. “

Vaccines appear to have radically changed the nature of the American pandemic, but Gazelka previously said he believed the emergency was over. It was just before Minnesota went into its worst surge last year.

Republican Dave Baker, a legislature who runs in the hospitality industry and advocates deregulation and emergency power reform with industry members, issued the following statement:

“For over a year, I’ve been working with the hospitality industry to get the Governor’s Office involved in the roadmap for a safe reopening of Minnesota,” said Baker. “Our efforts have not been listened to over and over again. Finally, the governor seems to be listening to at least large venues and sports teams, but for months with certainty and seating. It’s too late for many companies that have sought. We don’t need emergency authority and we don’t need to have close control over Minnesotan. Leadership issues and true leaders listen to stakeholders And decide on the best path to move forward together. In this leadership test, the governor failed. “

This is a developing story and will be updated.

Walz will end all COVID restrictions by July 1, or sooner if 70% get vaccinated – Twin Cities Source link Walz will end all COVID restrictions by July 1, or sooner if 70% get vaccinated – Twin Cities

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