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Want to help with night sky research in Oklahoma City? – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — Joey Rodman has a contract to provide science presentations to schools around Oklahoma and has a new project. Joey needs volunteers to study “light pollution” where you are.

Light pollution is what we call the invasion of human-made light on Earth, eventually obscuring all but the brightest objects in the night sky, and the world around us on Earth. It also affects your perspective.

You can participate in a study called “Night Lights OKC”, which is part of a much larger global study of light pollution.

The world projects that contain this are described on this website: https://okiespace.com/night-lights-okc

There is a tutorial that explains how the project works and how to participate.

The main project website provides an overview of this research. https://nachtlicht-buehne.de/startseite/nightlights/

Most common questions and Joey’s answers

Why do you have a citizen science project that started in Germany?

Simple, the types of lights we have in the United States are different from the types we have in other countries. Scientists are adding more information to analyze and find out about light pollution and what types of outdoor lighting contribute the most to the problem.

What about the data?

Scientists compare the data we provide with data from other regions. Oklahoma City is the brightest part of our city we have ever tried to explore, so there is a unique opportunity to help us better understand light pollution.

What do volunteers do?

There are online tutorials to help you learn what to look for and how to identify each type of light. The goal of each section (or transect) is to count all the lights in that area. Each volunteer is assigned a small area (usually a few blocks, sometimes one parking lot) to count and catalog the lights in that area.
Where is the catalog?

Catalog just a few of Downtown / Bricktown. This is one of the brightest areas in the city, and scientists need information from different areas to get a complete picture of what’s really happening.

What is light pollution?

Light pollution is caused by artificial lighting that lights up at night. It may be too bright or the light may be in the wrong direction to illuminate an unintended area (such as the sky). Light pollution affects all living things, from humans to animals, insects and plants, and wasting energy often means wasting money.

Want to help with night sky research in Oklahoma City? Source link Want to help with night sky research in Oklahoma City?

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