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We are in the midst of a serious labor shortage and hesitation to return to the office among many. So how can SMEs attract workers? Maybe we need to consider dogs and cats?

It is a well-known fact that the number of pet owners surged during the pandemic. According to the American Pet Products Association, 11.38 million U.S. households have new pets during a pandemic, and 75% of all pet owners spend less stress on spending time with dogs and cats, giving them a sense of well-being in Covid. It says it helped to boost it. -19.

This means that more people have pets than ever before. And no doubt: we love pets. However, keeping a pet is expensive (it is estimated that one dog alone costs about $ 1,500 a year). And it’s difficult to leave our pets after working at home for months.

A recent study by pet product company Burke found that more than 70% of dog owners still working at home expect to miss their pet when they return to work, while they miss their spouse. 42%, 39% of people miss their children. Because it is so difficult, some pet insurance companies cover behavioral and treatment claims for dogs that are suffering from seeing their owners leave the dog during the day.

Do you have more pets than your own children? Behavior therapy for dogs? As employers, we must not judge, but we must respond. This is what many business owners across the country do. And they are doing two things.

Large and small companies are increasingly offering pet insurance. Pet health insurance has skyrocketed in popularity among U.S. employers seeking to attract, engage and retain pets, according to a 2018 study by Nationwide Insurance, which claims to insure more than 700,000 pets. As it continues, it is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after voluntary interests. Employees owning it. ” And this was long before the increase in pet owners associated with pandemics.

What about the rest of us if the president could take the dog to work? Photo: White House / News Photo / REX / Shutterstock

A typical pet insurance policy can be paid in full at a discounted rate negotiated by the employer with the insurance company or made available to employees, covering health checks, shots, chronic illnesses, acute illnesses and injuries. To do. According to the whole country, providing pet insurance is a great way to show that your employer cares about your employees.

In addition to pet insurance, more and more companies are allowing employees to take animals to work. The most famous of these is Amazon, which again ranks number one in the country for its dog-friendly business, according to data provided by pet sitting and dog walking service Rover.

“Amazon is dog-friendly from day one,” said Jennifer Skipper, Amazon’s “Woofpack” manager (how about it for a dream job?) In a Rover announcement. “Our dogs are a special part of Amazon’s unique culture and a mechanism of connection. We found that dogs in the office actually contributed to our collaborative corporate culture. . “

Allowing people to take their dogs to the office can be complicated, especially for small businesses, and companies that allow this practice have fairly strict policies.

This can help employees ensure that their pets are properly trained and provide evidence that their pets are insured, cleaned, parasite-free and vaccinated. included. Designated pet areas are usually reserved, certain breeds may not be allowed or access may be restricted (sorry, pitbull, you are often unfairly blamed) and the owner always supervises the animal. is needed. In addition to establishing formal grievance, dog-friendly companies usually state in writing that pets do not cause medical problems to fellow workers and are exempt from being fully responsible for their dog’s behavior. Require employees to sign. I could never guarantee.

Sounds like a hassle for dogs. But people love dogs, and allowing employees to take their pets to work could be a powerful way to get alert workers out of the house and back in the office. there is. Providing pet insurance is another important advantage to consider. A whopping 69% of companies surveyed by HR firm Willis Towers Watson said they plan to offer pet insurance. This is a 22% increase from last year.

Health insurance. Retirement plan. work remotely. paid holiday. Benefits of pets. These are the hottest perks of the year. If your small business hasn’t offered them yet, you may be missing out on talented employees to your competitors. Not to mention good boys and girls who can brighten your day.

Want your employees to return to the office?Let them bring a pandemic pet | Genemarks

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