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Warm and comfortable for the first day of Fall! – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-09-22 06:17:33 –

Today’s weather forecast:
Welcome to autumn, everyone!

We’re starting in the cold today, but warm and dry air should dominate the forecast until the afternoon. Today’s air is very dry, but the wind is too weak to worry about fire.

Overnight, low temperatures can be seen returning to the 40s and 30s throughout the region, but few regions reach below freezing.

Colorado Springs: High: 78; Low: 46. ​​Sunny and dry, with weak winds and comfortable afternoon conditions.

PUEBLO: High: 81; Low: 43. The afternoons are sunny and warm, with weak winds and dry skies.

Canon City: high: 80; Low: 50. Weak winds and dry skies make it sunny and warm during the day.

Woodland Park: high: 69; Low: 43. Sunny and comfortable in the afternoon and dry during the day.

Try Lake: high: 70’s; Low: Forties. It’s sunny and cool today, with a dry sky and a weak breeze.

Hirano: high: 70/80s; Low: Forties. It is sunny and warm in the sunshine, dry and with a weak breeze.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: high: 70’s; Low: Forties. In dry conditions, it may be sunny and a little windy.

Mountain: High: 1960s; Low: Forties. The wind is weak, the daytime temperatures are comfortable, and it is sunny and dry.

Expanded outlook:
Thursday is the warmest day of the week, with a slight increase in fire concerns in a refreshing and dry state. A cold front on Thursday night should reduce Friday’s high temperatures by about 3-5 degrees.

Weekends must be dry and warm in the clear skies. There is a possibility of rain and cool air near the middle of next week.

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Warm and comfortable for the first day of Fall! Source link Warm and comfortable for the first day of Fall!

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