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Warmer and brighter with isolated afternoon thunderstorms – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-05-05 07:04:21 –

Today’s weather forecast:
For most of us today, the weather looks pretty good. There is much more sunlight and the chances of it raining in the display area are negligible.

It will be fine in the morning, but the amount of clouds will increase in the afternoon. In the event of rain or thunderstorms today, they are in the Far East of El Paso County, but can descend from Lincoln to the north of Crawley and Kiowa counties.

Colorado Springs: High: 63; Low: 37. A calm, refreshing, dry sky can cross most of the city. In the event of a shower or storm, they will be northeast of a town farther away in El Paso County.

PUEBLO: High: 70; Low: 38. Today is warm and refreshing in the dry sky.

Canon City: high: 70; Low: 41. Dry today with a brighter sky and milder temperatures.

Woodland Park: high: 55; Low: 32. It’s chilly, but it’s dry today and there are more clouds during the day.

Try Lake: high: 50s; Low: 30s. Cool and refreshing, isolated storms can occur in the afternoon, but the chances are better on the eastern side of the region.

Hirano: high: 70’s; Low: Forties. Several showers and storms can occur in northern Kiowa and Crawley County this afternoon, with warm and refreshing weather.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: high: 1960s; Low: 30s. It’s windy and dry today, with more clouds in the afternoon.

Mountain: High: Forties; Low: 30s. It’s chilly and cloudy, with one or two showers in the front range, and even more rain on the west side of Denver.

Expanded outlook:
The weather is the highest temperatures of the 70’s and lots of sunshine, and tomorrow looks near perfect. Rain is more likely on weekends, and rain and snow will return to forecast by next Monday and Tuesday.

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Warmer and brighter with isolated afternoon thunderstorms Source link Warmer and brighter with isolated afternoon thunderstorms

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