Warnings start Oct. 15 for the 72-hour parking rule – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2021-10-11 18:21:24 –

A photo of an abandoned vehicle on the streets of Seattle. The city resumed enforcement of 72-hour parking rules on October 15, initially focusing on cleaning vacant and dangerous vehicles that may have been abandoned in the last 19 months. SDOT photo

Information from the Seattle Transport Authority

With the increase in abandoned vehicles throughout Seattle, the City of Seattle will resume enforcement of the 72-hour parking rules from October 15, 2021. Vehicles parked in one place for 72 hours may be issued warnings and citations, but the first focus is on cleaning up vacant and dangerous vehicles that may have been abandoned in the last 19 months. Please.

City traffic regulations do not allow vehicles to be parked in the same block of the street for more than 72 hours in a row. In general, public roads are not a good place for long-term vehicle storage. The 72-hour parking rule also helps prevent people from throwing away broken or unused cars on the streets of the city.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the state-wide stay-at-home order Enforcement of 72-hour parking rules was suspended in March 2020.. During this time, the city continues to enforce other parking rules, such as violating the signs posted and placing cars in places where parking is not permitted (such as fire hydrants and blocking passing lanes). The city is also continuing an RV restoration program on its Seattle utility.

Since then, the city has been monitoring changing travel patterns and parking demand. There is also an increasing demand for scrapped cars to be removed from the streets. Both of these factors indicate that it is time to resume enforcement of the 72-hour rule.

Although the initial focus is on abandoned vehicles, all vehicle owners should return to the habit of moving their vehicles on a regular basis to avoid the possibility of warnings and citations. You should also check the block regularly for temporary parking restrictions signs. This sign can be placed by notifying at least 24 hours in advance about urgent utility work, cleaning, special events, etc.

Carrying parking at SDOT poses specific risks to public health, such as inadequate hygiene that poses a direct risk of illness or injury, inadequate protection that leaves residents exposed to the weather, or other environments. Does not force someone to live in the vehicle unless it brings. Fire, health and safety hazards.

Soon, people will be able to report using abandoned vehicles parked on the street for more than 72 hours. An app that finds it and fixes it.. The city expects it to take longer than usual to respond to requests to clean up abandoned vehicles currently on the road, as enforcement has been suspended for so long.

Warnings start Oct. 15 for the 72-hour parking rule Source link Warnings start Oct. 15 for the 72-hour parking rule

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