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More than 50 people donated to a fundraiser held by Wasco’s Pizza Factory in honor of Deputy Secretary Philip Campus, who was killed in a shooting on July 25.

The company has announced that it will donate 25% of its sales to the Campas family. Mary Jane Riva, owner of the Wasco franchise, will donate the same amount of money raised on Monday to other mass shooting victims for Campas’ family.

Jose Manuel Ramirez Jr. shot dead his partner Viviana and his two sons Angel and Jose Manuel III Ramirez in an episode of domestic violence.

In addition, Pizza Factory promised the Ramirez family a meal and contributed to their GoFundMe page, Riva said.

Riva decided to raise money. Shocked and saddened by the news, she jumped at the opportunity to help each family.

“That’s right,” Riva said. “We are fortunate enough to be part of a community where everyone can get together and do whatever they can to help those in need.”

Riva said the funding from the fundraiser was the company’s only donation. Rather, the help obtained from the communities that join together for a single purpose shows Wasco’s compassionate heart.

“It will help a little,” Riva said. “It’s about reaching out and letting people know what they’re thinking about them.”

Mary Kay Haas, marketer for the entire Pizza Factory franchise, came from Oakhurst to help the restaurant. The kindness of the fundraiser is in line with the organizational culture of the pizza factory, Haas said.

“When that’s what’s happening within our community, we get together, get together as a store, and do what we can,” Haas said. “All our stores do this. They all participate in giving back to the community.”

Rupert Lara has come to the pizza factory to support “a local company that helps local families.”

“We can do more than do it together and individually,” Lara said. “We are all helping each other. We are not asking for much, but everyone will help us a little.”

Sunni Dobbs got a pizza, motivated by a fundraiser for the Campus family at the pizza factory. Dobbs’ family was in law enforcement and motivated her to take action.

“It’s really hard to believe that it will happen in such a small town,” Dobbs said. “It hurts not only the policeman and his family, but also the families involved because they are all meaningless. It shouldn’t have happened.”

The contribution of the pizza factory shows the character that Wasco gives, Dobbs added.

In addition, another customer, Noel Leon, said the friendships stimulated by dining at the restaurant helped the community in this tragic time.

“It helps to build the ability to share our sorrows,” Leon said.

Mayor of Wasco Alex Garcia and the owner of the K & R Banquet Hall made Zumba Night to raise money for the Ramirez family. The instructor was asked to teach for free. All donations from the citizens were donated to the Ramirez family.

Oscar Ramos, owner of the K & R Banquet Hall, said he was motivated to provide his venue as businesses and people gathered to help the Ramirez family. In addition, Garcia said the activity will help heal the community from the trauma of mass shootings.

“We know that traumatic situations and events like these are the triggers for people,” Garcia said. “Getting active and healthy (people) is important for recovery during these difficult times.”

Lara said various fundraising activities, from individuals to businesses, underscore Wasco’s close community.

“We are very busy in our lives,” Lara said. “We can work together to help each other when we need it.”

Wasco businesses hold fundraisers for victims of mass shooting | News Source link Wasco businesses hold fundraisers for victims of mass shooting | News

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