Washington DC bill takes a step forward in Congress

The US House of Representatives has recognized Washington, DC as the 51st state and approved a historic bill in Congress to fully represent the country’s capital.

Washington, DC’s admission law passed Democratic homes along party line 216-208 on Thursday with the victory of Democrats who said residents of the country’s capital lacked a fair representative in parliament.

But the bill is probably dead upon arriving in the upper room, and it will be the latest in the list of progressive priorities that include it. Tighter gun control And Drastic voting system reform, It is unlikely that it will become a law overcoming Republican opposition.

The Democratic Party controls both the House of Representatives and the Senate, but the Filibuster Rule requires the support of 60 Senators in a 100-member Senate to advance the bill. ..

US President Joe Biden was reluctant to accept the Democratic Party’s call for progressives to abolish filibuster. West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Cinema also said they were opposed to removing it.

DC has long been a cause celebrity with progressives and capital resident, with about half of its population being African-American, and voters are overwhelmingly more likely to choose the Democratic Party over the Republican Party. Republicans say the move is unconstitutional and accuse Democrats of taking power to increase numbers at Capitol Hill.

The US Constitution allowed the creation of a federal district, and the Article 23 amendment adopted in 1961 gave the city three electoral college votes in the presidential election.

However, Washington DC has more than 700,000 inhabitants, more than Vermont and Wyoming, and has exercised voting rights in Congress despite paying more federal taxes per capita than any other state. there is no.

The district’s car registration plate carries the slogan “No taxation without representation”, which reflects the cries of the American Revolutionary War, “No taxation without representation.”

The city is represented in the house as Eleanor Holmes Norton, A Democrat who is a non-voting representative. There is no senator.

Norton first submitted a bill to make Washington a state in 1993, almost 30 years ago. The bill failed, 277-153, with support from less than half of Democrats and only one Republican.

However, in recent years there has been increasing support among both lawmakers and the general public to make the capital the 51st state. This has gained momentum in recent months, with the Black Lives Matter movement and the Democratic victory over the White House and the Senate.Last year the house passed Similar state measures It died in the Senate and was subsequently placed under Republican control.

Polls show that Americans are divided on this issue. A Fortune Poll In January, it was found that 49% of Americans were in favor of DC and 45% were against it.

Republicans, including Mitt Romney and Adam Kinzinger, have been complete in recent weeks, including absorbing Washington DC into neighboring Maryland and allowing Norton to become a voting member of the House of Representatives. Proposed a state alternative.

Washington DC bill takes a step forward in Congress

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