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Seattle, Washington 2021-05-03 21:13:00 –

Washington will introduce its own early warning system for earthquakes on May 4, when Shake Alert will be operational. This gives the inhabitants valuable time to prepare before the ground begins to shake.

The system, operated by the US Geological Survey in collaboration with the Pacific Northwest Earthquake Network, can quickly alert people to imminent earthquakes. The warning system quickly detects an earthquake, such as estimating the magnitude and location of the earthquake, and sends an alarm to the mobile phone. The warning system means that Washington has joined both Oregon and California by having a warning system.

Android smartphone users can receive notifications via both wireless emergency alerts and smartphone embedded software that does not require a specific app. However, alerts will only be received if device location is turned on and earthquake alerts are enabled in the location. Washington Military Department..

Most earthquake injuries are caused by a person falling or hitting a falling object. Alerts don’t provide much time to cover (somewhere in seconds to tens of seconds, depending on where the quake occurred), but it could be enough for people to find shelter. there is. Alerts can also give enough time for trains and planes on the runway to start slowing and prevent cars from entering bridges and tunnels.

“By taking such actions before the shaking begins, we can reduce the damage and casualties during an earthquake,” he said. Shake Alert website.. “It can also prevent cascading failures in the aftermath of the event.”

Earthquakes are common on the west coast. The Snoqualmie Valley recently experienced a magnitude 2.5 earthquake on April 28th. Such small tremors are overlooked and unlikely to cause damage, but recent memories show that large tremors have occurred and large tremors are expected.

In 2001, the Nisqually earthquake struck Washington. A magnitude 6.8 earthquake caused $ 1 to $ 4 billion in damage.Then there is Big one, The name given to the expected magnitude 9.0 earthquake. It is unknown when the quake will occur, but widespread damage and tsunamis are expected to hit the Washington coastline. According to a 2018 Seattle Weekly article, experts predicted a 14% chance of a major Cascadia subduction zone earthquake within the next 50 years.

The last known subduction earthquake was in 1700, when a large tsunami struck the Pacific Northwest and Japan across the Pacific Ocean. According to geological records, these quakes occur approximately every 400 to 600 years.

Washington gets mobile earthquake alerts Source link Washington gets mobile earthquake alerts

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