Washington Offers “Joints for Jab” to Increase Immunization Rate | Washington

Washington to increase vaccination coverage Offers free marijuana joints For all adults receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

On monday State of Washington The Liquor and Cannabis Commission has announced that it will carry out a promotion called “Joints for Jabs” until July 12. During the implementation of the initiative, state-approved dispensing pharmacies can provide customers of appropriate age 21 years and older with pre-wrapped joints on the first or second dose. Participants will only receive free joints at the on-site vaccination clinic on the same day as the vaccination.

According to the committee, many marijuana retailers were interested in supporting vaccination efforts in parallel with current promotions. Free beer, wine or cocktails for those 21 years and older who have been vaccinated by June 30th.

The Washington program is similar to other national campaigns that offer free cannabis in exchange for vaccination certification.Arizona Local Dispensing Pharmacy Offers free marijuana joints or food To residents of Arizona who are vaccinated. Similarly, April 20, the day many people use to celebrate cannabis, the Cannabis Reform Group DC Marijuana Justice distributed more than 4,200 joints at 30 vaccination facilities in Washington, DC.

State officials encouraged by the Biden administration are using creative strategies across the United States To encourage people to vaccinate Includes a cash lottery, a chance to win a shotgun or hunting rifle, and a free amusement park ticket.state Allowed Use federal relief funds to cover the costs of programs aimed at encouraging vaccination.

As of June 7, 58% of Washington people were vaccinated once with the Covid-19 vaccine and 49% were fully vaccinated. According to the New York Times database.

Washington Offers “Joints for Jab” to Increase Immunization Rate | Washington

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