Washington staff refuses to publish to protest CEO article

Washington’s editorial staff refused to publish online on Friday after the CEO of a DC-based magazine wrote an opinion piece about the future of remotework that caused an immediate backlash.

Kathy Merrill, Chief Executive Officer of Washingtonian Media, Written in The Washington Post On Thursday she said, “Unfortunately I was worried about the general thing. Office worker who wants to continue working from home and join the company Sometimes the office. “

By choosing to continue working from home, Merrill writes that employees are offering executives “an attractive financial option that employees may not like.”

The manager says she can’t participate in what she calls “extra” responsibilities, such as employees who aren’t in the office coaching junior colleagues, helping colleagues, celebrating birthdays, etc. He explained that he may be less likely to continue. It provides these workers with the status and benefits of being a full-time employee.

“If employees rarely participate in them In addition, management has a strong incentive to change their status to “contractor,” she writes.

By doing so, she writes, companies can save money because they don’t have to pay for employees’ medical, severance pay, office space, parking fees, and so on.

Merrill apologized to the staff by email on Friday, ensuring that they would not make any changes to employee benefits or work conditions.

“Washingtonian embraces a culture in which employees can express themselves frankly,” Merrill said in a statement. “I value each member of our team not only at the professional level but also at the personal level. I’m sorry if the editorial makes it look like something else.”

Opinion pieces caused protests among magazine staff, many of whom posted the same message. twitter Criticize Merrill’s words.

“As part of the editorial staff in Washington, we want the CEO to understand the risks of not assessing our workforce,” they write. “We are disappointed that Kathy Merrill is threatening our lives. We will not publish it today.”

Washingtonian staff, who are not part of the union, are still working from home. The magazine plans that employees will gradually return to the office in the summer and more fully in the fall.

According to a member of the editorial staff, this article and its original headline, “As CEO, want employees to understand the risks of not returning to the office,” some Washington employees said. I felt that my interests and work were threatened. Those who have sought to remain anonymous for fear of expert influence. The heading has changed to “As CEO, I’m worried about the decline of office culture due to working from home.”

Washington staff refuses to publish to protest CEO article

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