Watch $ 2 million Rimac Nevera slide in the mud

If there is one thing, we will not bet on production Limac Nevera Glide in the mud. Most people drive modestly on paved roads from sunny days to local Cars & Coffee events, but on other days they are forced into a temperature-controlled garage. The pre-production car shown above is set to be used as a crash test mud for homologation in the United States, so the company’s founder, Matrimack, drifts around dirt and mud. I thought I would give up properly.

This dark blue Nebella was Rimac’s first pre-series car and the first car off the production line. It is used to keep everything going smoothly after the actual production starts. It has passed dozens of trucks and road tests as well as customer previews, media drives and show events.In fact, this was exactly Nevera, our friend Road & truck Driven For their review..


Mate is a good idea to have a car show at the construction site of the company’s future factory, which is now a dirt factory, as the car needs to crash to meet U.S. official regulations. I thought. He pulls a lot of slides out of the soil and throws a lot of mud at the camera without any restraint. By the end of the day, the entire car was covered.

It’s unlikely that future Nevera owners will do this in their car, so it’s nice to be able to enjoy this car a bit before Mate inevitably hits the wall at high speeds.

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Watch $ 2 million Rimac Nevera slide in the mud

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