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This launch is China’s first manned space flight in five years.

Gansu Jiuquan — China launched the first three crew members on a new space station on Thursday’s first crew mission in five years.

Astronauts are traveling from the Kyusen Launch Center in northwestern China to the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft launched by the Long March 2 Y12 rocket, which exploded shortly after the target time of 9:22 am.

The launch time saw a bright blue sky with almost perfect visibility at the launch center on the edge of the Gobi Desert.

Two veteran astronauts and his first spaceflight newcomer will stay in the main living compartment for three months while experimenting, testing equipment, maintaining and preparing to accept them. I’m heading to Tenwa station for this. Additional modules next year.

The three met a reporter on Wednesday from inside a sterile glass room, hours before the explosion on Thursday morning.

“First we have to put the house in the core module and then start various diagnostic tests on important technologies and experiments,” said Nie Haisheng, 56, the oldest mission commander of the three. ) Says. His third trip to space.

“This task is very difficult and poses a lot of challenges. My colleagues and I work closely, manage carefully and overcome all the difficulties,” says Nee.

Not surprisingly, everyone said they were completely confident in a mission that had special political implications for the ruling Communist Party preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary next month.

Liu Boming, 54, said that one flight in 2008 included China’s first EVA, but astronauts conducted scientific experiments and maintenance, and Tenwa or Tenwa’s core module. He said there were multiple activities during the mission, including preparing to receive them. Two other modules that will be sent next year.

45-year-old Tang Hongbo, who has been on his first flight since being selected for the second batch of astronauts in 2010, said he had been training virtually non-stop for years. “There is pressure,” Tang said. “But where there is pressure, there is motivation … I am confident in myself and in the team.”

The launch on Thursday will launch the first manned space mission in five years for an increasingly ambitious space program. Since becoming the third country alone in 2003, China has sent 11 astronauts into space, orbiters and rover on the Moon and Mars.

Astronauts will travel on the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft launched by the Long March 2 Y12 rocket launched at 9:22 am (Greenwich Mean Time 0122) from the Kyusen Launch Center in northwestern China.

The first Tenwa crew are all male, but women will be part of the future crew, officials said.

Beijing is not participating in the International Space Station, primarily due to US concerns about the secrets of China’s space program and its military ties. Nonetheless, foreign scientific missions and perhaps foreign astronauts are expected to visit Chinese stations in the future, Ji Qiming, assistant director of the China Manned Space Agency, told Jiuquan reporters.

“The universe is a common wealth of people all over the world, and exploring the universe is a common cause of all humankind,” said Ji.

“We are delighted to carry out international cooperation and exchanges with all countries and regions around the world working on the peaceful use of outer space,” said Ji, who said that existing cooperation includes Russia, Italy, Germany, etc. He added that it is being expanded with the countries. United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.

“I believe that in the near future, when China’s space station is completed, we will see Chinese and foreign astronauts take on joint missions to China’s space station,” Ji said.

Mr. Ji admitted that the construction of the Chinese station was “relatively delayed”, which is also an advantage as it allowed China to use the latest technology and concepts, especially in the areas of reliability and safety. Said that.

“Exploring the vast universe, developing space activities, and building a powerful space nation is our constant dream of the universe,” said Ji.

“The construction and operation of China’s space station will enhance our technology and accumulate the experience of all. It will share the human exploration of outer space, the peaceful use of outer space, and the future of humankind. It is a positive contribution by China to promote the building of a community to do so. “

The mission is the third of 11 planned by next year to add sections to the station and send crew and supplies. The main living section of the station will be launched in April and the other two modules will be primarily for scientific work.

This mission builds on China’s previous experience of operating two experimental space stations. He also landed a spacecraft with the Zhurong spacecraft on Mars last month, landed the spacecraft and spacecraft on the moon before that, and brought back the first lunar surface samples from space programs of all countries since the 1970s. ..

When completed, the station will be able to stay for up to 6 months, similar to the much larger International Space Station.

All astronauts have their own living area, and exercise bikes and other exercise equipment can counter some of the effects of weightlessness. They could also bring their personal belongings to remind them of their home and stop boredom while they weren’t working, Knee said.

The Chinese station is reportedly intended for 15 years of use and may last longer than the International Space Station, which is nearing the end of its functional life.

The launch of Tianhe was considered successful, but China was criticized for allowing uncontrolled re-entry of some of the rockets that carried it into space. Abandoned rocket stages usually re-enter the atmosphere, usually on the water, and never go into orbit shortly after takeoff.

The rocket launched on Thursday was another type, and Ji dismissed concerns that it would pose a threat when the model used for the cargo mission re-entered. He said China has announced their trajectory and is expected to burn out long before they are in danger.

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