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Moab, Utah (NewsNation Now) — On Thursday, Utah’s Moab City Police released body camera footage after alleged physical quarrels weeks before YouTuber Gabby Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie disappeared.

One-hour body camera footage shows a police officer answering a 911 call in Utah reporting a suspected domestic conflict between a pair on August 12. The kid lovers were on a cross-country road trip together, saying they were planning to arrive in Oregon by March on their social media accounts.

You can see the full body camera footage above..

Moab City Police independently confirmed NewsNationNow.com The police were called in an incident involving a couple. NewsNation I also got an edited copy of Police report from the incident Includes alleged quarrels between couples.

Witnesses reported seeing “a man assaulting a woman was observed” near the Moonflower Community Cooperative. Petit and Laundry then left the area in a van, but one official said he was able to catch up with the van as it approached the entrance to Arches National Park.

Police said he stopped the van after being found traveling 45 mph in a 15 mph zone. Before the van stopped, police say the van suddenly turned over the centerline. After that, the van stopped shortly before the entrance gate.

After stopping the van, police say he noticed Petit crying “uncontrollably.” She kept crying throughout their conversation and said she was suffering from her mental health.

In addition, Petite told executives that she and Laundry “had little discussion” that day. Petit told Moab police when she saw police officers trying to pull them, she “struck Brian with her arm to get his attention.”

While she was talking to the police, police officers stopped crying, saying Petite “breathes hard and writes without wiping tears, wiping her nose, or rubbing her knees with her hands.” Say I couldn’t.

Authorities reported that Laundrie had informed police that the couple had been traveling for four to five months. This “created emotional tension between them and increased the number of discussions.” He also said, “I’ve had problems in the last two days,” causing more controversy than usual.

While discussing in Moab, Laundry says he tried to pull Petite away from him so that they could “calm their emotions.”

At this point, Laundrie says he got into their van and Petito was “manic.” Laundry explained that Petit thought, “I intended to leave her in Moab without boarding.” Then Petit began to slap him, he said. Laundry told police that she had pushed her away to avoid slaps. According to police reports, Laundrie says Petito was out of balance but was still able to hurt his face.

According to Moab police, there were no reports of Laundry attacking Petit. The couple told authorities that they were in love and neither wanted to be prosecuted. Petito and Laundrie reportedly broke up that night, Petito maintained the van, and Laundrie received accommodation assistance from police.

“I don’t think the situation has expanded to the level of domestic violence as much as the level of the mental health crisis after assessing the whole situation,” said reporter Daniel Robins in part.

The report lists the laundromat as a victim, but Chief Brett Edge said there was not enough evidence to proceed with the accusation.

“Neither Brian nor Gabriel was the reporter,” he said. “Executives conducted an investigation and determined that there was insufficient evidence to justify the criminal accusation.”

Florida officials said it on Wednesday Laundry is currently involved in this case After Petit disappeared during a couple’s cross-country expedition together. Laundry does not cooperate with or talk to the police.

The trip was well documented on social media until Petit allegedly disappeared near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The couple recorded most of their trips that began in July on YouTube’s Vlog. “VAN LIFE”.. The last post to both Instagram accounts was from Grand Teton National Park.

The last text to her family was August 30th. They were worried because she would never contact them.

Laundry was identified as an interested person, but police said, “We have not made ourselves available for interviews by investigators or provided useful details.” Officials say they know that Laundry returned to Northport on September 1, 10 days before Petito was reported missing.

Said her father, Joe Petite NewsNationNow.com He doesn’t understand why Laundry doesn’t want to voluntarily talk to officers about his daughter’s disappearance.

“If you love them and you call them your fiancée, you’ll think someone wants to help (the police),” he said. “That makes sense to me, but you know, I think he had a different idea.”

At a police press conference on Thursday, Joe Petite sought help.

“Everyone here needs help,” said Joe Petite. “Because the goal hasn’t been achieved yet, and the goal is to bring Gabby home safely.”

A national survey of Petit from New York is currently underway.

She is 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs about 110 pounds. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and some tattoos. Some of them have “let it be” written on their fingers and forearms.

The FBI has set up a national hotline to receive tips: 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324).

NewsNation’s affiliates KTVX and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Watch: Gabby Petito, boyfriend shown after 911 call, weeks before disappearance Source link Watch: Gabby Petito, boyfriend shown after 911 call, weeks before disappearance

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