WATCH: Gov. Brown signs wildfire preparedness, modernization bill – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-07-30 14:00:00 –

Bootleg Fire contains 53%

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —Governor Kate Brown signs a law that will provide over $ 220 million to help modernize and improve preparedness for wildfires in Oregon.

Mr Brown will sign a bipartisan-backed bill, which her office says is the culmination of years of efforts by the Governor’s Wildfire Council, the Oregon Legislature, and various state agencies. rice field.

Senate Bill 762 The Governor’s Office emphasizes three strategies: “create a fire-adaptive community, develop safe and effective responses, and increase the resilience of the Oregon landscape.”

Until the bill was signed, Brown thanked the various people and groups who worked to pass the bill. She also praised the frontline wildfire firefighters who worked day and night to fight the wildfires that devastated our state.

“A $ 220 million investment means building a fire-adaptive community, improving wildfire response, and creating a healthier and more resilient landscape. $ 1 spent on fire protection. We know that each time we get a return on our investment, which is 11 times the cost of the wildfire saved, “Brown said. “Sure, there’s still a lot of work to be done to implement this bill, but what’s really really clear is the roadmap needed to transform our approach to meet the new challenges of this new era. Creating and spending resources on firefighting. “

She said the bill exemplifies that by working together, a safer and more resilient state can be created.

Matt Donegan, chair of the Wildfire Response Council, joined Brown with a video call signature.He also previously acknowledged many contributors to the bill

“We can do this and tackle wildfire challenges more broadly as well as climate change, but that will bring about a fundamental change in the scale and speed at which we operate.” Donegan said. “Here in Oregon, we have never faced as difficult a challenge as the impacts of climate change and wildfires, but we need to be able to meet and address it.”

He said there is a need for rapid and large-scale modernization while maintaining cost effectiveness. He said the Oregon wildfire bill is an important step towards that.

Wildfires began early in 2021 across Oregon and the Pacific coast, a year after the historic Labor Day wildfire ran through Oregon.

Bootleg Fire continues to be the largest wildfire in the United States at this time.

An overview of major wildfires in Oregon. Listed by start date.

Elbow Creek Fire
Report on July 15
22,901 acres, 43% containment
Info: Elbow Creek Fire

Bruler Fire
Started on July 12, unknown cause
Includes 195 acres, 53%
Estimated containment: September 30
Information about Bruler Fire

Grand view fire
Started on July 11, unknown cause
Contains 6,032 acres, 95%
Info: Grandview Fire

Bootleg Fire
Lightning from July 6th
413,545 acres, 53% containment
Area includes merged bootlegs and logfire
Evacuation level of pirated fire
Info: Bootleg Fire

Started on July 5, unknown cause
22,248 acres, 60% containment
Info: Jackfire

Wildfire in Central Oregon caused by a thunderstorm

On Thursday, officials say a total of 19 wildfires were caused by thunderstorms throughout Central Oregon.

The largest flame, called the Deep Creek Fire, is on 2,000 acres. West of Shaniko, just north of the intersection of Highway 97 and Highway 197 near Deep Creek.

The second largest fire is near Prineville and has already been contained. It has grown to a total of 840 acres, but has been repelled by the Ashwood Rural Fire Protection District with resources from the Land Management Department’s Prineville Bureau.

Another fire started near Bend and eventually spread to 1.6 acres. Thankfully, aerial refueling aircraft were passing by when the fire broke out and smoke came out. While the fire was still small, the air tanker immediately launched its first attack.

All other fires were contained below 0.1 acre, but a two-acre fire was immediately contained in one.

WATCH: Gov. Brown signs wildfire preparedness, modernization bill Source link WATCH: Gov. Brown signs wildfire preparedness, modernization bill

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