Watch Live: Biden Outlines Immunization and Financial Remedies Legislative Package

Presidential election Joe Biden is expected to give an overview of him COVID-19 Relief Proposal Thursday in Wilmington, Delaware. Large-scale stimulus bills are expected to cost trillions of dollars to fund vaccinations and provide immediate and direct relief to working families and communities at the mercy of the crisis. I am.

Transition officials explained the package to Democratic parliamentary staff earlier this week.Plan-savvy people told CBS News that the presidential election was a priority $ 2,000 stimulus payment, More money for cities and states to improve vaccine distribution, as well as another extension and increase in enhanced unemployment insurance payments.

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  • what: President-elect Joe Biden outlines vaccination and financial remedy legislative package

  • date: Thursday, January 14, 2021

  • time: 7:15 pm ET

  • Location: Wilmington, Delaware

  • Online stream: Live in CBSN The above players and mobile or streaming devices

The package may pass parliament because the Democratic Party controls the House of Representatives. Georgia Senate Election Results If approved, the Senate will split 50-50 parties and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will break the relationship. Some elements of the bill, such as the $ 2,000 stimulus check, have already gained bipartisan support, but lobbying and special interests from members of Congress could affect the overall price tag of the package. There is.

After taking office, Biden has also taken steps to accelerate the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. The Trump administration has promised to vaccinate 20 million Americans by the end of 2020. However, two weeks after the New Year, more than 10 million people were first vaccinated, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID data tracker.

Eight Democratic Governor last week I sent a letter He urged Secretary of Health and Welfare Alex Azar, who oversees Operation Warp Speed’s vaccine distribution, and Army General Gustav Perna to accelerate vaccine distribution and not hold back doses while waiting for further shipments.Hazard on Tuesday Announced some major changes A federal vaccine distribution program that includes a decision to release large doses that were withheld to ensure that vaccinated Americans receive a second vaccination.

Hazard said the change was possible because of the production capacity to meet demand. “Currently, we have a consistent production pace and are now able to ship all doses that were physically held as reserves. The second dose is delivered by dose from a quality controlled production line. “The secretary said. “From now on, weekly available doses will be released, first covering the second dose and then the additional first vaccination.”

Biden has set a goal of immunizing 100 million people during his first 100 days as president. “In 100 days, I’m absolutely confident that we can change the course of our illness and make a better difference in American life,” said the president-elect. Said last month..

Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, a member of Biden’s Coronavirus Advisory Board, told CBS This Morning on Tuesday that he would consider it an “ambitious goal.”

“I call it an ambitious goal and I think we have to work hard,” Osterholm said. “We now know that there is no vaccine in people’s arms. People are sick and dying. So I think we need to make every effort to do that. Team Is behind him as much as possible. To make it happen. “

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Watch Live: Biden Outlines Immunization and Financial Remedies Legislative Package

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