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Watch Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers” gasp over Lafayette woman’s antiques in new episode Saturday | Entertainment/Life – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Lafayette resident Mary Stander has been collecting antiques for decades. Viewers of national television on Saturday will get a glimpse of some of her treasures in a new episode of “American Pickers.”

The 70-year-old Stander welcomed a reality TV crew to his home on West St. Mary Boulevard in February for an extended shoot. A crew of about a dozen, including his members and co-host Mike Wolfe, as well as “Jersey” John Saley, arrived around 8am, with the last trickling out around midnight.

Pickers are known to scour the United States for antique jewelry.

“It was really nice to see them gasping when they walked into the room and being excited about what they were seeing. It’s my favorite time of the day,” Stander said. .

Her episode airs Saturdays at 8pm on the History Channel.

Stander’s love of antiques stemmed from going to flea markets with his mother. She says she started collecting her glasses of pink and green depression “when she was 13.” Her mother loved the peculiarity of her work and its stories, and that love took root in Stander.

“[I love] The history behind every piece, what those pieces tell us about the people they knew. Even after 200 years or 150 years, it will still be a treasure.”

Focusing primarily on pre-1900 American-made and Americana pieces, her extensive collection includes everything from antique guns to American art to hand-painted furniture. Stander said her collection was primarily sourced throughout New England, especially in Maine.

Stander said the “American Pickers” team only got through a small portion of her collection. The items displayed are not predetermined. The team walked around her space and focused on the most talked about items, choosing about 20 or so to purchase.

Antiquarians said it was a thrill to connect with other antiques enthusiasts.

“It was great. I needed that push — enthusiasm, not money,” Stander said.

The 70-year-old’s journey hasn’t been easy. In 1992, Johnston had a serious car accident on his street that changed Stander’s life.

While in her car, she was thrown onto the road and suffered numerous injuries, including severe damage to several internal organs and a severed spine. She had to relearn how to speak and walk—the doctors weren’t sure she could—and she had to relearn how to live.

After the crash, Stander was unable to return to a career working for an oilfield engineering company. She increased her collection as she realized she could turn her hobby of antiques into a means of supporting her retirement.

She owned an antiques store at Treasures Antiques on Calliste Salum Road until the mid-to-late 1990s, but then closed it and moved the inventory to her home. Effects of her crush. She sells when she can, she said.

Friends have repeatedly encouraged Stander to televise her collection, she said.

“When I opened my garage, people were like, ‘Oh my god! For years, I’ve been having to call pickers in America,'” said a 70-year-old man.

Stander first got in touch with the show’s producers in 2017, but a much-anticipated trip to Louisiana didn’t go as planned. This winter, the show’s producers got back in touch – the time had finally come and they wanted to see her treasure, she said.

The Lafayette resident said the experience was “amazing” and hopes viewers will enjoy watching her episode as much as they did filming it.

“I hope their eyes light up a little bit when they see my treasure,” she said.

Watch Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers” gasp over Lafayette woman’s antiques in new episode Saturday | Entertainment/Life Source link Watch Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers” gasp over Lafayette woman’s antiques in new episode Saturday | Entertainment/Life

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