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2021-05-27 13:07:50 –

Minnesota United’s new center forward, Adrian Yunu, has scored 15 goals in the last two seasons with France’s top club Rennes.

Runes’ new designated player scored 12 points in League One of France, scored a goal in the Europa League group stage and defeated Rennes 1-0 in the Cup final against Paris Saint-Germain.

Funou will be the first tally in 2021 for his possible debut in Minnesota on Saturday night at Real Salt Lake. game. His final move to Minnesota contributed to his lack of action.

Yuno’s recent lack of play time will probably limit the amount he can play against RSL at the 27-year-old Rio Tinto Stadium. He first trained with Loons at Brain’s National Sports Center on Tuesday, and his improved fitness seems to be his most likely route to the field this weekend.

Funou has 38 career goals in seven seasons. Here’s a breakdown of his goals for the last two seasons:

In the 2019-20 season, he scored 11 times in 1,779 minutes. This is one goal every 161 minutes. According to fbref.com, his expected goal rate was 7.8 last season. In 2020-21, he scored four points in 738 minutes, or one point every 185 minutes. His xG came in at 4.5.

Of these 15 goals, he scored 8 points on his right foot, 3 points on his left foot, and 4 points from his head. Of the 15 players, 7 were in open play, 5 were in set pieces, 2 were in counterattacks, and 1 was in penalty kicks.

He scored a second goal during the penalty shootout and moved softly to the center right on both attempts from the spot.

Perhaps Funou’s biggest goal was to play against the French League 1 winner and PSG at the Coupe de France match Trophée des Champions. His left foot tap-in from inside the 6-yard box early in the first half was tied by PSG superstar Kylian Mbappe, before Angel Di Maria won it in Paris in the second half. I put pressure on.

His Europa League goal played against Scottish club Celtic in November 2019. It came off the header at a glance after he made a near post run that showed a tendency to reach the end of a cross or free kick.

Supporters can imagine Runes portraying set pieces. Meanwhile, specialist taker Emanuel Reynoso throws the ball and finds Funou in such a move.

Of the 15 goals of Yunu, the three highlights that popped out of the screen are:

September 26, 2020: In a counterattack, Funou sprinted into the open space, removing Saint-Etienne’s goalkeeper from the line and shooting at him from a distance of 17 yards.

January 15, 2020: Neem’s defender made a bad back header, and Funou was in a dangerous spot from the defender’s back shoulder, shooting from the volley to the absolute top corner of the net.

December 18, 2019: After Renne’s teammate’s shot was blocked, Funou bounced off and his right foot sent a laser shot to the upper corner. Amiens goalkeeper bent his knees when he realized he was helpless.

Watch new Loons forward Adrien Hunou’s top goals in France – Twin Cities Source link Watch new Loons forward Adrien Hunou’s top goals in France – Twin Cities

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