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Beaufort County is home to a wide variety of snakes, which are prominent due to the warm climate. There is no cause for the alarm, but be careful.

As the weather warms, more snakes begin to appear along the trails in the woods, on intersecting roads, and in our gardens. After all, snakes like to work on tans like we do.

Wildlife Diversity Biologists at the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission are asking you not to worry if you see a snake, not kill it, make sure you have enough space, and report if you see a pine snake or rattlesnake. increase.

“Believe it or not, snakes exist in ecosystems and are mostly afraid of humans,” said Nick Botello, Goose Creek State Park Ranger.

“They eat rats (and other rodents) and insects and help keep things in balance.”

According to Botello, there are six types of snakes in the park. Pygmy rattles, American beetles, toxic water moccasins or cottonmouths, water snakes, berry snakes, black racers. These do not pose a threat to humans.

“We see quite a few pygmy rattles by the swim beach,” Botello said. “It’s about the same length as a pencil and has black spots in red and gray. The cottonmouth is in the woods and the cottonmouth is near (or in) the water. Be careful when walking. And stay on the trail. “

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, there are particular concerns about whether the state’s 10 or 38 native snakes are endangered or threatened.

If you have a snake in your yard and want to live elsewhere, you can safely leave the snake by gently spraying the garden hose. It also cleans clutter such as sticks and rock piles, cuts lawns, closes gaps and holes in siding and foundations, and seals openings around doors, windows, and water pipes to clean the garden. You can be more kind to the snake.

Most snakes will leave people alone if they don’t care and are offered an escape route. Monitoring snakes and giving them a large sleeper is an effective habit for coexisting safely with snakes.

Most snakes, for example, after being stepped on, only attack to protect themselves, according to Botello.

“The best strategy is to avoid them if possible,” he said. “They usually run away when they notice you. So far this year, I’ve noticed a small number of snakes in the park, but I don’t know why. Call or have someone call you. Not all strikes contain poison, but you still need to check out. “

Watch out for snakes; warmer weather means more sightings – Washington Daily News Source link Watch out for snakes; warmer weather means more sightings – Washington Daily News

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