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Congratulations to Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg — they are officially parents! The couple welcomed their twin babies, and Brian shared exciting news on October 24th.

Couple for many years Jamie Chung When Bryan Greenberg My parents after secretly welcoming my twins. Brian went to Instagram on October 24th to share his adorable video with both newborns in his chest. “We’re having twice as many problems right now,” he captioned the footage. Jamie reposted the video to her Instagram story and commented on it with two red heart emojis.

The news certainly shocked the fans, as the public didn’t know what Brian and Jamie were expecting! The comments section of Brian’s Instagram post was flooded with congratulatory messages, with several fans (and even celebrities!) Writing “What ?!”. In 2019, Jamie published on Instagram about her decision to freeze eggs.

“I’ve been boiled down the idea of ​​freezing eggs for the last few years, but only recently decided to go through the process,” she explained in a March 2019 post. “I did a survey of the facility and it was all summarized in these determinants. I want options. I’m buying time. I’m not sure, scared and hopeful. I have the best life partner a person can ask for, and I want to raise a child with Brian someday. I don’t know when that will happen. And I’m okay with that I noticed that. “

Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg on the red carpet. (Broadimage / Shutterstock)

She added: “I also have a lot of questions about this process, so I’ve recorded my journey to freeze eggs. How you feel every day, the overall process, and which injections are the main balls. Everyone is different and all the processes are different, but I hope sharing my journey will help answer some of those questions. “

Jamie and Brian started dating in 2012 and got engaged in December 2013. They tied a knot in October 2015 in Santa Barbara, California, with a three-day Halloween-themed celebration. These newborn babies are the first children of both stars. Brian hasn’t confirmed the baby’s name or gender in his Instagram post.

Watch the first video – Hollywood Life

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