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Water to be off at Oklahoma County Jail eight hours Thursday – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — Water in Oklahoma County Detention Center (Prison) will be off for about eight hours on Thursday as the crew will make two major repairs to the water system from around 3:30 am.

According to Prison Trust Mac Marings, he is ready to serve two hot meals of the day and bottled water to detainees. He said the bottled water was already pre-located on each floor.

According to Marings, all detainees are informed of the planned repairs and will be provided with a bucket to flush the water until the water supply is restored by the end of the day.

Visitors to the prison will not be able to use the toilet while the repairs are taking place.

“Absolutely necessary”

“These repairs are absolutely necessary to keep the facility moving for maximum efficiency and to improve the quality of life for detainees and staff,” said prison administrator Greg Williams. “Unfortunately for the construction of this building, there is no way to drain the pipes and make these repairs without experiencing a relatively short time without water, but it is worth the improvement in the long run.”

“Thanks to OCDC’s maintenance staff and contractors, we have been able to reduce the time frame that benefits the people who live and work here,” Williams added.

Long-term plan maintenance

Marings described the repair as “maintenance of a long-term plan to resolve floods” in prisons, and in late March the Oklahoma Department of Health (OSDH), which was critical of prison hygiene and plumbing issues. Addressed concerns.

Work is expected to begin around 3:30 am on Thursday and end around 11:00 am to minimize the impact on detainees’ daily work.

State of detainee

On March 27, the situation of detainees became widely known when detainees were taken hostage by several detainees in extreme protest against what they believed to be inhumane. ..

1 Detainees were shot dead By two Oklahoma City police officers to rescue the hostage detainees.

Williams said police officers were “in good condition” the next day. However, a spokesperson for the Oklahoma City police said detainees were beaten and stabbed during the trial.

Almost at the same time Report by OSDH I came up with a prison health problem. The 39-page report cited 26 flaws in prisons identified as non-compliance with health and safety standards.

Thursday’s repairs are part of a plan implemented earlier this year, but they are undoubtedly facilitated by the harsh conditions revealed in March.

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Water to be off at Oklahoma County Jail eight hours Thursday Source link Water to be off at Oklahoma County Jail eight hours Thursday

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