Waukesha Christmas Parade suspect loses lawyer in Milwaukee County case – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-11-30 14:45:14 –

A man charged with driving an SUV at the Milwaukee-Walkisha Christmas Parade, killing six and injuring more than 60, needs to find a new lawyer in another case in Milwaukee County.

Darrell Brooke’s public lawyer Joe Domask refused to represent Brooks in a case accused of overrunning his child’s mother in Milwaukee last month. Domask said on the phone this morning that connections with some of the victims of the Walkisha case made it impossible to represent Brooks because of conflicts of interest.

The state is also helping to change Brooks’ bail today in the Milwaukee case. At the time of the parade attack, he was paying $ 1,000 on bail for an incident involving the mother of a child.

Brooks will return to court on Monday, December 20th for the Milwaukee case. So far, he remains in Wokisha County Jail with $ 5 million in cash.

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