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Tampa, Florida 2021-11-29 22:35:19 –

Tampa, Florida — In a pandemic full of highs and lows, a variant of Omicron appears when many want a little joy.

Dr. Alice Bartley, Director of the FGCU Community Counseling Center, said:

Dr. Burtley says it’s not uncommon to feel despair because of the latest variants. She says the first step to reach the other side of those emotions is to sit with them.

“I think the most important thing we have to do is acknowledge our feelings.” How do I really feel? “” Is this about a new variant or is it? Is it about the anxiety I feel about my vacation? “She said.

Later, Dr. Christine Kosilk, an assistant professor of mental health and policy at the USF, said that efforts should be made to identify and use some of the healthy remedies used in the past.

“We may not be in the best mental state of our lives, is that so? It’s normal to struggle now, but we did something that worked to reach this point. “She said.

And, Dr. Bartley, ideally, some of these activities would safely include others to avoid self-isolation.

“But let’s go ahead and do those activities. Maybe it’s about a Christmas carol 6 feet away. You’re limited only by your imagination,” Dr. Bartley said.

Finally, Dr. Bartley states that information is always needed, but you should also avoid doomscrolling every bit of news about variants.

“Focus on trusted media sources and listen only to those sources. Listening to many sources will increase your anxiety,” she said.

And if you’re still struggling, they both say you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a licensed mental health professional for help.

“Unfortunately, we tend to avoid expert resources when it’s really really important to use them, mainly because of the stigma surrounding mental illness,” said Dr. Kosilk.

Mental health resources:

Ways to cope after with omicron variant ahead of holidays Source link Ways to cope after with omicron variant ahead of holidays

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