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Riverside, California 2021-07-29 20:46:03 –

Earlier this week, a presidential order effectively banned Texas Governor Greg Abbott from transporting immigrants by nonprofits.

This week, an executive order effectively banned the transport of immigrants by nonprofits by Governor Greg Abbott.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland sent a letter to Abbott on Thursday threatening to take legal action if Abbott did not revoke an order that Garland called “dangerous, illegal” or “unconstitutional.”

Garland threatened to take legal action “to ensure that Texas did not interfere with federal functioning.”

An order issued by the Governor or Wednesday states that “other than federal, state, or local law enforcement officers must provide land transport to groups of migrants detained for illegally crossing borders by CBP.” Stated. Will be subject to expulsion under the orders of Title 42. “

“It doesn’t solve the problem, it just really makes it worse,” said Sister Norma Pimentel. Pimentel is the Executive Director of the Catholic Charity in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and operates a rest center for immigrants in downtown McAllen.

“We are doing something good. We support the safety of the community and the safety of our families.”

Border guards drop migrants to Sister Norma’s rest center in downtown McAllen and release them to the country and her care.

“We were helping and working with the community to get it right, and this only stops everything,” she said. “I can’t take someone to the doctor, you know, someone is sick. It can’t. Someone who needs to go to the hotel to be COVID positive. And we’re them I want to isolate them and make sure they are safe and away from the community that exposes everyone else. They hold my hand and tie me up and say, “I can’t help them anymore. I want to say.

Governor Abbott’s order was issued after a press conference on Tuesday in the city of Lajoya, 17 miles from McAllen.

Lajoya police said a hotel in the city was rented out for immigrants and a family member who saw eating out told police officers that they lived there and were ill with COVID-19.

“From there, they are allowed to travel to their destination,” said Sergeant Manuel Casas of the Lajoya Police Department. “It can be anywhere in our country. But for now, they are staying in our city. We didn’t know this. No one talked to the city of Lajoya. No one told the police that these people were here, and no one told us that these people could be ill. ”

At the behest of Governor Abbott, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) stopped “all vehicles if there is reasonable suspicion of violation” and returned the vehicles to their original location, the location of the entrance, or people If not, instruct the vehicle to be pushed in. Compliant.

The DPS was unable to provide interviews or details on how government agencies decide which car to pull under the governor’s executive order. The ministry sent a statement. “The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is committed to securing borders through executive orders applicable to DPS under the direction of Governor Greg Abbott. The department does not discuss operational details, but We continue to monitor border conditions, make real-time decisions, and adjust operations as needed. “

Sister Norma said she met with DPS leaders in McAllen and asked how they could enforce the order.

“He parks the agent outside our door so that anyone who comes out of it can follow us wherever we take him,” said Sister Norma.

Governor Abbott couldn’t talk to KENS5, but he did. Provide a response On Thursday evening, the Biden administration accused Garland of “directly causing the unprecedented crisis facing Texas.”

“I don’t think we need to create something that causes confusion and problems and doesn’t give us the opportunity to do the right thing,” Sister Norma said. “I sincerely hope that our leaders will rethink their actions.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz issued a statement Thursday afternoon.

“The Biden administration continues to push illegal immigrants into temporary housing throughout the United States during the pandemic, endangering the lives of Texas and many Americans,” the statement said. .. “The administration has left local authorities to place illegal immigrants in small towns and communities in the southwest and manage fallout from the Biden crisis. I put Texans safety first and the COVID epidemic. I fully support Governor Abbott’s decision to fight. “

“This can certainly cause confusion there,” said Laredo Democrat Henry Cuellar. “He talks about land transportation. He talks about greyhounds and vans that carry people from the valley. It can stop NGOs from doing their jobs.”

“I told the administration,’If you don’t take charge of borders, you’ll empower local and state governments to take responsibility,'” Quela added. “The federal government should take a position on this.”

Twenty-four hours after Governor Abbott issued the order, he received a lot of criticism in the media and social media.

“I do not know [order] As a racist, “Quela said. “This is a way to confuse NGOs in transporting people. Do I agree with that? No, but I don’t see this as a racist.”

Greyhound transports immigrants from the Lower Rio Grande Valley to US destinations. In response to KENS 5’s request for comment, the company said, “Greyhound complies with all federal and state laws.”

KENS 5 has contacted Texas Senator John Cornyn. His staff sent back an email informing him that he would check if it was available.

‘We are doing something good’ | Non-profit urges Gov. Abbott to reconsider order that stops migrant transports Source link ‘We are doing something good’ | Non-profit urges Gov. Abbott to reconsider order that stops migrant transports

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