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(((conversation) – Cinematographer died and injured in a horrific accident Alec Baldwin fires a prop gun Shooting in New Mexico.

When shooting a movie with a gun, there are many options. Each prop should be suitable for the character and should be suitable for the scene. You also have the option of using replica weapons, real weapons, or mixes.

But most importantly, everyone on the set needs to know how to work with a gun.

Guns without ammunition, that is, guns without bullets or blanks, are not dangerous. But still, the set always has an armorer, a safety officer, and a stunt coordinator. At least three people are always looking at the set guns.

We recently finished filming Darklands, a psychological thriller staring at Nadine Garner about a police officer who couldn’t stop filming.

I used real weapons, but only blanks in one scene. The night we fired the blank was a very controlled situation, working with a very experienced crew. The safety of our cast and crew was of paramount importance to us. Here are some things we kept in mind.

Shooting in a blank

If the worst happens and someone dies on the set, the impact will be deeply impacted on the industry as a whole and on the lives of those affected. Two major stories, especially in the 1980s, changed the way we approach occupational health and safety as a set.

In 1982, three actors, two of whom were children, were killed on a set in the Twilight Zone due to a special effects explosion. Crashing helicopter.. Their death will resonate with the movie set forever.

In 1984, actor John Eric Hexams put a blank-filled gun in his head and joked about the delay in shooting, He triggered.. The power of the stuffing was enough to fatally hurt him.

Instead of using bullets Blank uses wad Paper, plastic, felt, or cotton – this stuffing guarantees a certain level of flame from the gun.

However, this filling can cause many injuries. Just because a gun uses a blank doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous.

Sufficient attention

For every element of filming, you need to sit and worry about every possible scenario and plan for risk. Safety personnel work with the supervisor and the first assistant director on the elbows to ensure the safety of the set.

While looking for a location, safety personnel consider factors such as travel hazards, traffic safety, nighttime set lighting, and power supply.

When shooting in public lands such as parks, the council asks for a risk assessment. This allows you to consider where people park, where bathroom facilities are, where facilities are located, and potential issues. It happens when a limb falls off a tree.

Even actors who have hot coffee on the screen are considered for safety.

For this year’s shoot, we also added an onset nurse / COVID officer to take into account the health of everyone on the set.

Once the scene is set up, the safety officer will check everything from the safety mat on the ground to the gel pad hidden in the outfit.

In the movie set, the gun is supplied by the armorer. They have access to both real and replica weapons, and real weapons are more expensive to hire than replicas.

Whenever you use a weapon in a set, you should treat it with the utmost respect. Safety must be a top priority. It turns out that guns are rarely handled in Australia and are highly respected. People are very conscious of weapons.

All protocols surrounding the use of guns are well established. Everything around the gun should be handled with great care. Weapons with blanks were not fired at anyone. All casts and crew were repeatedly briefed on safety. Police will always be notified, as will neighbors next to the filming location.


We chose to shoot with real weapons, but only used blanks in one scene. Visual effects (VFX) are used in all other scenes.

The blank was chosen because of the importance of the weapon to storytelling in the scene. The reflection on the actor’s face had to be real and her physical reaction had to be real.Like the time of Alan Rickman Dropped while shooting Die Hard: Sometimes the moment only demands that clear truth.

However, many gun effects can be done well through VFX, and companies even sell VFX shooting packages. Adding these effects is a very special area. You can add different muzzle flares, different smoke patterns, and even recoil the gun with someone’s hand.

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the families of those affected by this incident. You can only imagine how Alec Baldwin feels now. It’s a terrifying situation for everyone involved.

This is a workplace safety issue. It’s a tragedy when things go fatally in any workplace.

In Australia, movies are always known to be a really well-regulated environment. On our set, we all understand that making a movie is not worth endangering someone’s life or health.

You can only imagine that most filmmakers feel the same way.

We are filmmakers who work with firearms. This is what is important in on-set safety Source link We are filmmakers who work with firearms. This is what is important in on-set safety

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