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‘We are just trying to catch up,’ Las Vegas housing market grows while some homeowners struggle to pay mortgage – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-05-20 22:31:32 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — Others are struggling to pay their mortgages as the housing market continues to attract people to the valley.

Some lenders say it’s a general concern, but there is help available for those who need it.

Jorge Gamboa said he couldn’t stop smiling after becoming a homeowner earlier this year. But his two-bedroom home mortgage near Decatur and Oakey quickly became difficult to catch up with.

“Everything started to get very expensive and I started to lag behind all the costs. We’re just trying to catch up,” Gamboa said.

Andrew Leavitt of PIFLending tells 8NewsNow. Gamboa is not the only one participating in the struggle right now.

“There are many provisions in the Care Act. It can be 6 months or 18 months late, but you don’t want to wait that long. I want to call you as soon as 30 days late,” Levitt said. He said.

He added that some homeowners are refinancing their homes to reduce payments or extending their 30-year loans to reduce their mortgages.

“You won’t lose your home. You don’t want to repeat it in 2008, so there’s so much care law in place for federal-backed mortgages that keep homeowners there. Yes, “he told 8NewsNow.

In the case of Gamboa, a few hundred dollars later, he raises a red flag and says it’s enough to ask for the help available to keep his dream home.

“It was hard to get and I ran out of all my savings. Gamboa said he would do his best and fight to protect his whereabouts.

Leavitt says if you’re struggling with a mortgage, ask for help.
The first steps he says are difficult and sometimes embarrassing, but there are resources available.

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