We expect the hero to be perfect.Simone Biles isn’t afraid to show that she isn’t | Simone Biles

NSHe hasn’t lost in the all-round competition since Anna and the Snow Queen piped Iron Man 3 at the box office. There are four movements (four!) Named after her, Literally break the scoring system – Routines that some male colleagues don’t even try.She was so sure that gymnastics was a trending topic, so Twitter was unavoidable. To create a goat emoji To reflect her position, the best ever. Don’t worry that she is only 24 years old. What are these four gold medals she won in her Rio game debut? Pfft. Light work, they promised. Waiting to Tokyo, you’ll see how easy she can get Larisa Latinina’s nine career gold records. During the five years Simone Biles has dominated her sport, all we have heard is that she is second only to death and tax. Of course she wasn’t.

On Tuesday, Biles flocked with the trainer after a flab attempt at her opening vault when her American team was in the early stages of the women’s gymnastics final. Then when she left the stadium With an American gymnastic doctor, the world held its collective breath. The excitement of seeing her reappear after a few minutes was when she slipped off the grip of the bar, hugged her teammates Grace McCallum, Snissery, and Jordan Chiles, and then slipped into her sweatpants and jacket to urge her teammates. , Immediately relieved.

Just like that, Biles was out of the team’s competition, but why wasn’t he sure right after this spectacular plot twist?U.S.A. in a statement Gymnastics She called it a “medical problem,” but before that her coach told NBC that it was a “mental health concern.” Finally, at a subsequent press conference, Biles said he didn’t want the long idle period leading up to the Olympics to wear down her nerves, jeopardize her concentration and risk hurting herself and her. Team chances at subsequent events by moving forward anyway. “I usually do my best to push things forward,” she said. “But I had to let the girl do it and focus on myself.”

After all, unfortunately, as Team USA’s first defeat in a major all-round event since 2011, Biles recorded the worst vault score in her glittering career. “I hope America still loves us,” she said from the mixzone, a silver medal hanging from her neck. Still, even more surprising than this reality check is the fact that I’ve never seen it come in the first place.

The heavy is the head, nothing, and the special burden of bile – NS Along with Naomi Osaka, the star of the Tokyo Olympics is Sisifian.She is supposed to stay great When I am also the top. When you set the bar yourself and clear it with a leotard decorated with rhinestone goats on your back, it’s one thing to accept the challenge. But it’s a completely different thing from NBC’s Hoda Kotb asking in an interview, “Are you defeated?” Then, before answering the question yourself, twist her face and make her smile as if begging. “If I vote, I’ll say,” Kotob said.No girl, you No You can beat it. ”

There are visa and athleta approval agreements and all those little girls are looking up with praise, some of them are already taller than 4’8 inch buildings and some-like buildings-ADHD Has been diagnosed. There are all those black supporters around the world who take pride in ownership of all her oversized achievements.There are all survivors of sexual assault that draw power from the courage that Biles has shown While talking for them In the wake of Larry Nassar’s astonishing crime. It’s often asked by everyone, and it’s shown every time the shape blip is laughed at as a trifle, not a symptom of excessive stress.

Indeed, Too Much Pressure can stand well as a unified theme for games that have already been defeated by Osaka, Taekwondo star Jade Jones, and the once invincible US men’s basketball team. What’s more, just seeing Osaka taking a break from tennis for mental health, Introduced in the phrase “overtraining syndrome” Last month Simone Manuel clawed to make an Olympic cut for the US swimming team.

We expect the hero to be perfect. So it’s Biles’ immeasurable achievement that she took a step back when she wasn’t happy with her GOAT status, even though the world was screaming for a move against gravity. .. She chose to focus on herself again, even if it almost certainly meant her last Olympics-gasping-defeat. Biles showed that she was only human. And even if her infallible aura suggests it isn’t, it’s good to remember.

We expect the hero to be perfect.Simone Biles isn’t afraid to show that she isn’t | Simone Biles

Source link We expect the hero to be perfect.Simone Biles isn’t afraid to show that she isn’t | Simone Biles

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