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Colombia, Tennessee (WKRN) – A Colombian man and his granddaughter lost their home in an oil fire over the weekend.

James Thompson talked to News 2 about the catastrophic fire. He says he and his granddaughter are now homeless.

The fire broke out on Fleming Street on Sunday morning. Thompson said he was cooking and left to see what the four new kittens were doing. Then he heard a loud explosion.

“I didn’t want them to mess up the bed, so I went into the bedroom to see if they were on my bed. At that time there was a loud pop and a glass noise. Looking around, the kitchen was pitch black. I was completely caught up. The oiled frying pan was completely inflamed, “Thompson said.

Thompson desperately tried to put out the fire, but the flames continued to grow. Eventually he fled to his neighbor’s house, informing him that the house was on fire. He was given oxygen by the first responder.

“I was out of breath and almost fainted. By the time the ambulance arrived, the whole house was completely swallowed. The kitten was still there, so I found the kitten because my mother was gone. I asked if I could, “said Thompson.

Thompson said he was physically handicapped and was completely shocked. Thanks to the American Red Cross, he and his granddaughter were able to stay at Hotel O Columbia Downtown near I-65, but I don’t know what to do after that.

“I’ve never been homeless and I don’t know how to do it, so my knees are literally trembling. I’ve tried it before, but I don’t know how to do it. I’ve done it for a lifetime and the first This time, I’m having a hard time because I’m not feeling well. I was discharged from the hospital on June 3, “explained Thompson.

Thompson told News 2 that he was ill and was trying to take care of his granddaughter.

“I’m still trying to take care of my granddaughter because I want to improve my granddaughter’s life. I’m there for her and let her know that I love her and everything else I’m completely shocked, “said Thompson.

Thompson said he couldn’t believe this happened in his house.

“For 53 years, I’ve always thought I’d be safe against a fire, and I never thought it would happen. To see how quickly an oil fire escapes, right in front of my face. You can escape. You can literally die on the spot. You had to choose to leave, “Thompson said.

According to Thompson, the fire brigade was able to rescue all four kittens and is now living well.

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‘We lost everything’, Columbia man, granddaughter homeless after grease fire Source link ‘We lost everything’, Columbia man, granddaughter homeless after grease fire

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