“We need to deliver to him”: Biden faces the wrath of disappointed supporters | Joe Biden

Wchicken Joe Biden Flocking with a group of historians in March, the conversation revolved around thinking as big as one of his predecessors, the New Deal architect Franklin Roosevelt. Biden apparently wanted to join the changing world of the US president.

Six months later, a completely different rally was held this week outside the White House gates.Five young climate activists sitting in folding chairs with signs have begun Indefinite hunger strike. It was a visceral expression of disgust at Biden’s view that he was willing to think small and break his promise.

“Young people turned out to be a record number to elect him for his commitment to climate change,” he said. Nikayla Jefferson, 24, an activist who supports a quietly determined hunger strike on the edge of Lafayette Park. “But for the past month he has almost given up. He is not the leader at this moment in the way we need to offer him... “

From gun rights to immigration reform, from racial justice Voting rights, Those who see the Democratic majority as a once-in-a-generation opportunity.Instead Party battle It could endanger Biden’s agenda and disillusion voters in next year’s midterm elections.

The 46th president, who promised to attack four crises of coronavirus, climate, economy and racial justice, took office. Approval rate drops to 42% After clashing with some harsh political and economic realities.

These include the growth of lukewarm work, Labor strike, Inflation and rising gasoline prices, global supply chain disruptions, record numbers of arrests at the US-Mexico border, and the failure of US troops to withdraw from Afghanistan have raised unexpected questions about his capabilities.

Even day-to-day tasks, such as the appointment of an ambassador to Japan, seem confusing. Biden’s Choice to Tokyo, Rahm Emanuel, Caused repulsion From a liberal for his record of racial justice as Mayor of Chicago.

Biden’s failure to hold a publicly available press conference since taking office in January raises concerns about Biden’s loss.Then he did Only 10 one-on-one interviews – Much less than Barack Obama and Donald Trump at the same stage.

But the president’s greatest sense of stalemate comes from a seemingly tremendous controversy among Congress. Democratic Party Beyond Biden’s $ 1 trillion physical infrastructure bill and $ 3.5 trillion social and environmental package.

Environmental activists will march to the US Capitol earlier this month. Photo: Brian Olin Dozier / NurPhoto / Rex / Shutterstock

In particular, two senators, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Cinema of Arizona, called for a reduction in the settlement package. Promote public plight With Senator Bernie Sanders and other progressives who ruled Washington and began to crush other urgent causes.

The proud march to Biden’s history books seems to have plunged into turmoil within the party.

Oregon Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley, Told Meet the Press Daily MSNBC Network Program: “Completely deflating President Biden’s balloon. It’s hurting Biden. It’s hurting Democrats. It’s a vision of all the outcomes that we are very important to. It is something that spoils. “

Biden was forced to intervene this week, host both factions at the White House, and play a more active role, as the legislative agenda is at a loss, if not dangerous. .. This gave some Democrats new hope for a breakthrough, but he cut the $ 3.5 trillion package in favor of a more modest proposal, a clean electricity program that was at the heart of his climate strategy. Showed to threaten.

He also emphasized concerns that Biden is succumbing to corporate interests in fossil fuels, prescription drug prices and tax increases. Critics say he has lost sight of the big picture issues that are important to his supporters because he is so obsessed with the grind of policy sausage making.

Among them is the fate of democracy itself.

Last week, the Senate Republican Party developed procedural rules Known as blocking filibusterSecond, a discussion of radical reforms that will protect the right to vote. Activists who knocked on the door for Biden and raised money warned that his failure to prioritize the issue over anything else could prove his greatest regret.

Ratsha Brown, The co-founder of Black Voters Matter said: absolutely. Do you think he supports voting rights? absolutely. Do you think he willingly use the full power of his office and his administration to prevent voters who voted for him from being punished for voting for him? It hasn’t been seen yet. “

At CNN Town Hall on Thursday night, Biden expressed his support for filibuster reform.But he should have pushed the cause sooner And more powerful Brown insists.

Election activists will hold a short rally before this week's Civil Disobedience proceedings at the White House.
Election activists will hold a short rally before this week’s Civil Disobedience proceedings at the White House. Photo: Allison Bailey / NurPhoto / Rex / Shutterstock

“When you fight for those who fight for you, you go to the mid-term in your favor. I think they chose the wrong strategy and wasted it. They miscalculated. Another for blacks. There may not be a realistic and viable party option, but we always have one,She said.

Derrick Johnson, chairman of the NAACP, a major civil society, said the White House’s reluctance to protect democracy was “horrifying.” He told The Washington Post: “I’ve heard from many colleagues and members that the lack of voting rights will revoke this presidency heritage.”

It was clear last weekend that dozens of people in support of immigration reform had unleashed the magic. Performing a virtual strike About the administrative officer during the video conference. They are critical of Biden’s continued Trump-era border policy. For example, having migrants wait in Mexico until an asylum hearing, or deploying a public health order known as Title 42 to expel migrants at the border over concerns about Covid-19.

Ariana Saludares, Supporters of Colores United, a New Mexico-based community organization that participated in the strike, said: “Title 42 is fake. Politicians, including the current administration, use it to explain the high prevalence of cross-border people. Numbers from border shelters are: It shows that it is absolutely wrong. “

Speaking on the phone from Puerto Palomas, a small border town in Mexico suffering from water scarcity, Sardales asked: “Where is Joe Biden? Where is Kamala Harris? Where are all these things they said they could offer us after such a” horrible period “? And what now? Many people are wondering what they are actually doing. “

The disappointment of grassroots activists causes problems for Democrats prior to the midterm elections of the House of Representatives and the Senate, which have historically tended to favor parties without a White House. Ominously, seven House Democrats have announced that they will retire instead of running for reelection, and another five are seeking other elected positions.

Democrats fear a reenactment of 2010, when Obama’s affordable care law’s winding but ultimately successful passage did not prevent a catastrophic mid-term defeat. And it is Trump that is approaching far away. Likely to run for president again In 2024, many observers are expected to be filled with fear of the future of American democracy.

Joe Biden speaks at the 10th Anniversary Ceremony of the Consecration of Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, DC.
Joe Biden speaks at the 10th Anniversary Ceremony of the Consecration of Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, DC. Photo: Rex / Shutterstock

Bill Galston, A senior researcher at the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington and a former policy adviser to President Bill Clinton said: Currently, Biden’s agenda is equivalent to a kind of crushing plane that turns over an airport that does not have enough runways to accommodate everything at the same time.

“The situation will look different once some planes begin to land. I hope that the infrastructure bill and the simplified reconciliation bill will actually be legislated by the end of the year. It feels good. It will change to some extent. The situation is not as bad as it looks, but it is bad enough. “

But not everyone is destined and dark. Antjuan Seawright, The Democratic strategist, based in Columbia, South Carolina, was a brighter person. “I feel cautiously optimistic,” he said. “Joe Biden has taken the time to show his ability to take licks and keep ticking. He also doesn’t know how they count when people count him. I showed them that I always teach them.

“When the ink dries out about this historical story, it will be seen as a continuing theme for Joe Biden. We believe we are where we need it. Mike Tyson “The key to success is to reach the peak at the right time,” he quotes. I think Joe Biden will do just that in the end. “

“We need to deliver to him”: Biden faces the wrath of disappointed supporters | Joe Biden

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