‘We want them to just have safe spaces’: NFL player Solomon Thomas will speak to Milwaukee youths about mental health and suicide – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Solomon Thomas, a Las Vegas Raiders defensive harness, talks about mental health with boys from Milwaukee’s Safe and Sound organization. “We want to create a world where everyone respects their emotions and finds help is safe,” Thomas told NNS. (Photo courtesy of Capture Sports Marketing)

“I can’t get help. I can be strong for my parents. I can’t get help. I can be strong for my sister’s friends. I get help I can’t. I was the third pick in the draft. I have to be tough. I can’t ask for help from others. Otherwise it’s an excuse. “

These are what Solomon Thomas told himself in one of the darkest moments of his life.He was mourning his death His sister, Ella, Suicide three years ago. At that time, he was suffering from depression and could barely gather the energy to do something.

Thomas, a member of the San Francisco 49ers at the time, was reluctant to ask for help until John Lynch, the team’s general manager, contacted him about dealing with mental health issues. At that moment, he felt the sadness and got permission to learn how to overcome it, Thomas said.

Now Thomas wants to help others. Move it in the right direction little by little. A voice saying, “It doesn’t have to be okay.”

Thomas, now the Las Vegas Raiders Defensive Harness and the former third comprehensive pick of the NFL Draft, will speak on Monday, October 25, in a virtual talk for boys involved in Milwaukee. Safe and healthy.. The organization focuses on building safe areas by connecting communities and law enforcement agencies.

In an interview with Milwaukee NNS, Thomas stated that the purpose of the discussion was to help children feel more comfortable asking for help and discussing their feelings. According to Thomas, black men in particular are often told to “strengthen” or “overcome” because of social pressure. He wants to change that story.

“It’s about overcoming difficult times.”

He said that because of the COVID-19 pandemic and social media, today’s children are facing challenges that other generations did not have to endure. It is important to make sure they know the importance of mental health.

“We are living in the age of social media, everything we see is good and everything is going well. That’s the highlight reel,” says Thomas. “It’s not life. Life is about ups and downs. It’s about adversity. It’s about overcoming difficult times.”

Thomas said one of his greatest goals is to create an environment where young people can talk about their feelings without judgment or worry.

“We want to create a world where everyone respects their emotions and finds help is safe,” said Thomas. “We want them to have a safe place, have friends, have families, have strangers, have connections, and be in a vulnerable place.”

Arielle Mayer, District 2 Youth Coordinator and Event Organizer for Safe and Sound, said the talk was part of the group’s hairdresser Monday series, a series of discussions where youth can embrace the atmosphere of the barber community. I said there is. Haircuts will take place at the Don & Sally Davis Boys and Girls Club on S. 24, 1975.NS NS.

The event begins with a vignette of the play “Pieces of My Own Voice” by Brenda Wesley, chairman of the Community Engagement Committee of the Milwaukee County Mental Health Commission. After that, the young man has the opportunity to talk to the actor in the performance.

After that, they have the opportunity to listen to Thomas and ask him questions.

Meyer wants young people to see NFL players talk about his struggle and remind them that mental health is not a cover.

“This is not shameful. It’s not strange. It’s very human,” Mayer said.

Thomas said it was important to remind young people that the world is a better place because it is there and that no one needs to live alone.

“There is more light in the midst of darkness,” said Thomas.

For more information

The event will be held at Rogers Behavioral Health Facebook page 6:00 pm on Monday, October 25th. RogersBehavioralHealth, Safe and Sound, miracle, An initiative aimed at bringing mental health debates to the Milwalkie Black Faith Community.

The event is also connected to Defensive lineA non-profit organization founded by Thomas, who focuses on youth suicide prevention, especially in the color community.

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