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BI’ve been watching a lot of comedies in the 90’s lately, so I’m thinking of John F Kennedy Jr. Seinfeld next door, Sex and the city, Murphy Brown: His name appears on them all. It’s been 22 years since he died this summer, so many people forget what he was doing at the time, especially in New York. But John-John remains America perhaps the closest to the prince to date, as his parents and the media called him to make fun of him. Only two years after Princess Diana’s death, when his plane crashed, it really felt like the cruelest fairy tale. The most beautiful princes and princesses of all lands did not make old bones.

I have always been fascinated by Kennedy. Kennedy is a 3-year-old boy. In honor of the murdered father’s casket, And then grew up to be America’s most golden young man. His extra handsomeness, his awkward name, his efforts to meet the high standards of his mother while skating around the whirlpool of political families. The media wasn’t sure if they would ridicule or plunge, so after failing the New York bar exam twice, they did both the headlined “The Hunk Flunks.”He had all the privileges that God could bestow on a man, but his mother’s disapproval of both his career choices (acting, the founding of the magazine George) and his girlfriend (his girlfriend). Had to fight the stab woundsDaryl Hannah). He was a Shakespeare character in the body of a Ken doll.

Kennedy has so far been overlooked in the current trend of revisionism in the 90’s. There, he (terribly) looks back on how celebrities were treated at the time. This is surprising, especially given the current focus on Harry and Megan, the personal and public pressure they feel, and the cruelty of the press against them. Now, let me introduce Kennedy and his late wife, Carolyn Bessette.

Kennedy often talked about the stress that the woman who took the picture with him endures. These pressures were embodied by his wife. A photo of Besset hunting with a ghost, defensively clasping a Calvin Klein coat around her while the press pack is chasing behind, is the same as the gossip about who Jerry Seinfeld was dating. It became a staple of New York’s tabloids in the 90’s. Kennedy somehow found a woman as beautiful as him. He was able to make even the most terrifying outfits, such as beige skirts and small sunglasses, look ridiculously elegant. Still, she hates the attention that accompanies being Kennedy, and who could blame her? On July 16, 1999, they survived most of Kennedy’s fate and died young when he crashed a flying plane with Besset’s sister Lauren on his way to his cousin’s wedding. .. I saw the news coverage the next day, and the only positive thing anyone could say was “Thank God that his mother wasn’t alive to see this.”

When he heard his name ring on a 90’s television show, he was far more than any other celebrity of the era, and if he hadn’t been doubly cursed with enough money to buy. It is impossible to wonder what he did in his life.Airplane and its ridiculous Kennedy’s confidence Talked to him He could fly it at night without having a full license.Other names of the same period have taken an unexpected path: Seinfeld is now close to a millionaire, Monica Lewinsky is an activist. And there is someone else.

2 years ago, QAnon type Was determined Kennedy will break out of hiding and be elected Vice President of Donald Trump in the 2020 elections. Spoilers: It didn’t happen. But – and I swear this is the only time you hear this phrase from me – QAnon was working on something here. Kennedy and Trump are both the yin and yang of each other, the very two sides of the New York coin, and are blessed with absurd opportunities for their families. The 2016 election doesn’t make any sense to me, but I think my brain has probably softened since the year of the blockade. It always meant that a well-known telegenic quasi-celebrity would beat the president that year. I just got the wrong one.

I have a weakness in alternate history based on the idea of ​​correcting past mistakes: Quentin Tarantino’s fantasy about saving Sharon Tate Once upon a time … in HollywoodOr a doctor showing Vincent van Gogh How much will he be loved one day.. Preventing the assassination of Kennedy Sr is the ultimate alternate history fantasy. Because his murder has long been seen by many as a downward turning point in American history, a theory mined by Stephen King’s novels. 11/22/63.. The Kennedy family always represents an unfulfilled golden promise for Americans. And when you run out of Seinfeld and can’t go to the pub yet, or when you feel the present is much darker than the bright future promised in the past, there’s something else to do, sit on the sofa and think : Hello, Hello, Hello? 

Wealthy New York Playboy with the Famous Name – What if JFK Jr lived? | Life and style

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