Weather deals on this Black Friday; trade in that umbrella for dry time – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-11-26 08:00:00 –

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) – Today we offer one-off deals. In Friday weather, buy one and get one for free.

After some light variety morning showers, you will be rewarded with a larger break during the rainy weather that begins later this morning. An almost dry pattern is set temporarily for the day and it is unlikely that it will rain in the afternoon.

These morning temperatures can also be incredibly saved. You will get your normal lows in your mid-40s. Best of all, afternoon highs are in the late to mid-50s. Nothing is as calm as this in late November.

Meanwhile, our friends and neighbors north of Washington and British Columbia have been raining too many good things. Near the Olympic National Park, it rained more than 4.6 inches in 24 hours. In parts of western Washington, including the Seattle area, it can rain 3 to 8 inches from Friday to Sunday night. A slight change is expected when compared to 0.50 inches to 1 inch.

NS Flood warning Currently valid until Saturday morning in Seattle and the surrounding area.
Landslides in western Washington are also possible.

Flood warning

Includes King-Snohomish-Everett, Seattle, Lynnwood, Marysville, Edmonds cities

Saturday morning flood warning …

* Contents: There is a possibility of flooding due to excessive rainfall.

* Location: Part of the Midwestern Washington, including the following areas, King and Snohomish.

* When … from late tonight to Saturday morning.

* Impact … Excessive spills can lead to flooding in rivers, streams, streams, and other lowland areas where floods are prone.

* Additional details … Heavy rains in the Cascade Range will cause a sharp rise in the rivers of the region tonight. Small floods can occur on Fridays and Friday nights.


Beach hazard

Effective until Friday evening

* What … sneaker waves are possible.

* Location … Washington, South Washington coast. Oregon, Central Oregon Coast, Northern Oregon Coast.

* When … From Thursday morning to Friday night.

* Impact … A wave of sneakers can suddenly knock people off their feet and quickly pull them into the frigid waters, causing serious injury or drowning. Soaking in cold water can cause cold water paralysis within minutes, further impairing an individual’s ability to escape.

* Additional details … Thursday afternoon high tides can pose the greatest threat period, especially on the coasts of Western Australia where the high seas occur. Precautions / Preparatory Measures… Keep away from water to avoid dangerous swimming conditions.


Have you ever wondered what a flashing, or sometimes monochromatic, light tells us at the top of a standard insurance building in downtown Portland? Click on the image above for the complete story behind the iconic weather beacon.

Weather deals on this Black Friday; trade in that umbrella for dry time Source link Weather deals on this Black Friday; trade in that umbrella for dry time

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