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Weddings are hopping during a December full of palindromes – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-12-04 00:43:25 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — The Clark County wedding campaign “will happen here forever”, which seems to be heading towards the New Year as it approaches the major milestones of a wedding license.

The beauty of Las Vegas is that you can enjoy your wedding anytime, anywhere, whether it’s a chapel or a taco bell.

Rose Campbell, a newlywed in Boston, Massachusetts, said:

The first nine days of December this year are palindromes, the same as forward and backward (12/3/21). There are 38 in this century, which is considered a lucky day. But for Campbell, being here is enough blessing.

“I love the weather and all the events that are happening,” said Rose’s husband, Ronald Campbell. “It’s my first time here and I’m having a great time.”

Clark County hasn’t waited for a marriage license to be issued for an extended period of time, and now there’s nothing in the way of perhaps the most important part.

“Eat! Food! Drink!” Rose said. “Drinks and food!”

The city is preparing its 5 millionth marriage license early next year.

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