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Week of fundraising for Pioneers Museum – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — This week, the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum gift of history motion.

Founded in 1896, the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum CSPM shares and preserves the local history of Pikes Peak.

“The Pioneer Museum is a place to learn, reflect, and reflect on the history of the Pikes Peak region, but it is also a place to find your own story,” said Meg Poole, Pogram Coordinator, CSPM. “We tell your story. We protect your story. Think about your own story. And truly, we are preserving your collection and your history.” “

The weeklong fundraiser included Tuesday’s food truck, Wednesday’s lunch and learning event, Thursday’s new volunteer information, and Friday’s downtown history walk.

This campaign aims to help the museum raise $100,000 to support exhibits and programs.

“We have already raised $60,000 and are working towards $100,000. The campaign will continue until the end of the month,” Poole said. “Your generous donation helps our mission.”

The Making Memories Downtown History Stroll visited 10 spots in Colorado Springs.

“The goal with this is to explore downtown Colorado Springs, learn about the community, and chill out,” Poole said. For others, this is a place of protest and a place to share about what matters most to you.

History Stroll participant Jennifer Miller says she signed up for the tour to learn more about the history of downtown.

Mr Miller said: “We had been to the museum before and loved it and thought we could learn a lot about the history of our town.”

She also mentioned how much the museum means to her and her family.

“The building itself is beautiful and the history it preserves is amazing,” says Miller. “I’m so grateful that our community has it.”

There will be a family-friendly day on August 6th from 10am to 2pm with free activity booths, puppet shows, live music, food trucks and more. For event details, visit CSPM. website.

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