Weekend article: The future of the stock market since its brutal first half of 2022

Inflation has made an ugly head, and the first half of 2022 has made a big difference for investors and consumers. It was the worst start of the year for US equities since 1970. William Watts may be surprised to look back at the bear market in the first half and see what happened after that — every time..

Meanwhile, Joseph Adinorphy reminds investors to keep an eye on the flashing bond markets. Warning sign..

Now that we are in the middle of 2022, we are looking a little further.

Rubini sees it getting worse

Nuriel Rubini argues that central bankers will not have the nerve to maintain the course when fighting inflation, This pessimistic result..

Can you really be a contrarian investor?

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At times, it may seem that everyone claims to be a contrarian.Mark Halbert explains what it is For real Meaning against grain and how that idea can be provided Tips on when the bear market will end..

Mark Halbert’s Other Works:

Call for contrarian investment

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Traditional knowledge is that the combination of increased demand from oil producers and low capital investment underpins the long-term high profits of the energy industry.But Sachstine recommends investors to sell ExxonMobil

And other oil inventories are now. This is the reason..

Do you think the housing market is chilling?

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Interest rates on 30-year mortgages have almost doubled during 2022, making it even more difficult to buy a home. These housing markets are at greatest risk..

on the other hand: Realtors describe a chaotic bidding war in New York City’s fierce rental market

Dividend stocks selected by experienced investors

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Luis Altofest has a long career in managing money for individual clients.Here are some of his words of wisdom and his suggestions Dividend stock screen for quality..

This supply shortage may finally be resolved

Therese Poretti Read the entire semiconductor industry Triggered by a harsh prediction from Micron.

Consider several different investment strategies

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Using index funds to track the performance of S & P500 is easy and cheap
But that may not be the best strategy for you.Paul Merriman goes to see over time How the S & P 500 has stacked with four other broad strategies..

Another Perspective — For Social Security People

The amounts that we can expect to see more social security payments in 2023 are:..

Prepare yourself — learn about Medicare before you need it

This is What Medicare does not cover..

How about 210 Big Macs in the Tour de France?

This year’s Tour de France has begun.

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Sports physicist John Eric Goff analyzes some shocking numbers about how powerful he is — And how much food — You need a world-class athlete to compete in the Tour de France.

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Weekend article: The future of the stock market since its brutal first half of 2022

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